West Ham United Win Local Olympic Derby

February 12, 2011 at 5:53 am | Posted in General Football, Hammers | 4 Comments

West Ham United have seen off the imperialist ambitions of its North London neighbour Tottenham Hotspur in the battle for East London’s Olympic Stadium.  When the 2012 Olympic games are over, the Hammers will be able to take over the Olympic stadium and play its matches there.

It was crucial for West Ham to preserve its presence in its traditional home of East London. If Tottenham had barged its way onto West Ham’s turf, it would have been a huge blow to West Ham’s standing and status as a club, and may well have been a blow which would consign West Ham to the unglamorous lower divisions of English football for years.

As a West Ham fan, I see this as a huge leap forward for the club, which has the potential to take the team to the next level, a la Manchester City’s move from Maine Road to Eastlands. Playing in the Olympic Stadium with its modern amenities may well attract new fans and investment which might place West Ham United among England’s top clubs.

The detractors say football and athletics running tracks don’t mix. While it is not ideal, I think the Hammers may have some interesting engineering ideas to take the fans close to the pitch in spite of the running track in the Olympic Stadium.   Even if they don’t, many great clubs in world football have managed to cope with a running track, including Lazio and Roma, who currently play in Rome’s Olympic stadium, and previously Bayern Munich and Juventus.

This is a great day for West Ham United.  Now if they can only keep their status in the top flight of English football this season.  I hope that the news that they will inherit the Olympic Stadium will provide a boost in morale and help the team to work together to avoid relegation.

This is a crushing blow for Tottenham.  Now they are stuck with White Hart Lane, which needs knocking down and redeveloping in order for the club to grow.  In the coming years, with the Olympic Stadium to play in, East London’s Hammers may well leap frog Spurs in status and quality in English football.

Glorious victory for the Hammers, ignominious defeat for the Spurs:  I have to say it has not been a bad day at all…




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  1. i do not think stadiums with running tracks are good for football i went to many games with running tracks and you are to fare from the game many clubs in europe have ripped the tracks out westham will find out the hard way when the crowds are down in the champions league sorry to say hammers big stadium small crowd

    • I agree its not ideal, but I don’t think it will put off the old fans and I think it will attract new ones.

  2. You made it sound like we as Spurs fans wanted to migrate east from our turf in North London, it’s a great day for rugby, cricket, motocross, athletics & concerts. West Ham…no! A small club already bound for the lower leagues that will have a half empty ghost town stadium where any atmosphere is soaked up by the polluted air before it reaches the pitch. I wouldn’t worry about Tottenham Hotspur, we are continuously progressing and will get our 60,000 venue in our patch of London sooner rather than later

    • I think it will be MUCH later now. There must have been some reason why they wanted a patch of West Ham’s territory. I think one of the reasons was they wanted to get rid of a local rival…

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