Questions About Omar Salgado

February 3, 2011 at 5:11 am | Posted in Major League Soccer, Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 5 Comments

As I attempt to learn the rules of Major League Soccer I am hoping someone can answer some questions I have.  For instance: the Vancouver Whitecaps have drafted Omar Salgado in one of the many MLS drafts.  Word has it that Arsenal of the English Premier League is interested in him.

In the MLS, players sign with the league as I understand it, not with the teams (although I believe designated players are signed by the teams, if I am correct).

My questions: if Arsenal buys Omar Salgado, who gets the money?  Do the Whitecaps get to transfer him and keep the proceeds, or does the MLS get to decide whether to transfer him and take the proceeds of his sale?  If MLS gets the proceeds, do the Whitecaps get financially compensated in any way?  Can the Whitecaps refuse to transfer him if they so choose?

Don Garber, please respond.


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  1. Don’t know the key specifics but MLS players sign with MLS so any external transfers get paid directly to the MLS with a cut of the transfer going to the club the player was playing for.

  2. The club receives 66.66%.

  3. …or maybe it’s been changed to 75% or is that just for home grown players?

  4. Okay I think I got it:
    Generation adidas players & non home grown players acquired in the SuperDraft:

    * 1 Year of service: 1/3 to Club and 2/3 to League
    * 2 Years: 1/2 to Club and 1/2 to League
    * 3+ Years: 2/3 to Club and 1/3 to League

    Since Salgado is GA, he’d follow this agreement.

    Home Grown Player:

    * Club receives 3/4 of transfer fee revenue and the League receives 1/4

    All other players:

    * Club receives 2/3 of the transfer fee revenue and the League receives 1/3

    • DJeffery: Wow, actual answers to my inquiries. Do you mind if I ask about the source of your knowledge? I really appreciate your answers!


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