Whitecaps Confident Or Quietly Desperate?

February 1, 2011 at 6:14 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 5 Comments

March 19, 2011 is only a month and a half away, and the Whitecaps roster is looking decidedly thin and low on media splash.   A couple of big names have been bandied about- notably the two Robbies, Keane and Savage, but so far, not a sausage in terms of known talent has signed on for the Vancouver Whitecaps.   Savage has said no, and Keane has joined the effort to rescue West Ham United from relegation.  But will Keane join us in the summer if a permanent move to West Ham United is not on the cards?

The Whitecaps most high profile signing thus far, Omar Salgado, is not even allowed to play for us because some rule deems him to be too young!  The rules of North American sports can be so ridiculous.  Let the lads play!!!

Either the Whitecaps have something up their sleeve, or they are growing quietly desperate as the roster looks very weak indeed so far.   Our MLS experience is thin on the ground, and while we have plenty of up and coming youngsters, it is not clear to me at all that we will cope well in our first season in the MLS unless some pretty big announcements are set to be made. Unless there are some secret deals (it is very hard to keep deals for any major talent secret in the football world) it looks as though we will be toughing it out in season one with a typically dreadful expansion franchise.

I could be wrong.  Perhaps the Whitecaps have a lot of confidence in their player development program, and don’t feel the need to bring in any big name players.  I cannot think of a team that has entered MLS with better preparation in terms of existing player development than the Whitecaps.  The Whitecaps have had a player development system and a residency program in place for a number of years now.  Are we about to see that system pay rewards in a way that will take the league by storm?  This had better be the plan, because we have precious little known talent in the squad that has proven itself outside of the division 2 USL level.

I had expected by now to have a striker in place with a proven pedigree in one of the more prominent european leagues.  While the transfer window for the big European leagues has closed, my understanding is that some of the other leagues are still allowed to transfer players past January.  Perhaps it will be from the second or third tier European leagues that our striker will come.

In any event, it is getting late in the day and our squad is looking painfully thin on proven talent.   Time to start worrying?



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  1. Go Whitecaps!

  2. I do believe what is preventing Salgado from playing for the Whitecaps prior to his 18th birthday is a FIFA rule, not some ridiculous North American one.

    • If it is a FIFA rule, why was Ryan Giggs allowed to play for Man U at the age of 17? james Milner started with Leeds United at 16. Is there a new FIFA rule I don’t know?

  3. Because they didn’t move from country to country to country a few times prior to making their Premership debuts, I would imagine.

    Essentially it comes down to this: According to FIFA rules, a player under the age of 18 can’t play in a country in which his parents don’t reside.

    The way I understand it, if his family was to move to Canada (for “non-sporting” reasons), he could play for the Whitecaps on March 19th without an exemption from FIFA. Otherwise, the club and league will be petitioning for that very exemption from FIFA.

    • Thanks for your ruling, Rod! That helps clear it up. Obviously it is meant to prevent the trafficking of minors.

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