Robbie Savage to be our Danny Dichio?

January 13, 2011 at 1:27 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 1 Comment

When Toronto Football Club began in Major League Soccer they signed English striker Danny Dichio to play for them. Dichio was no flair player but had loads of experience playing in the English Premiership and Italian Serie A. As the scorer of TFC’s first goal, he became a club legend. He has since retired, but still has an association with TFC as a coach and ambassador. He is still wildly popular in Toronto and is one of the most celebrated sportsmen of Toronto’s recent history.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the Vancouver Whitecaps and Welsh midfielder Robbie Savage are rumoured to be contemplating a deal to have him play here.

Savage, like Dichio, has never been a flair player, but he plays with a big heart.   He most recently played with Derby County in the English Championship, but had spells in the English Premiership with Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City and Birmingham City.  He is the kind of player you want to have on your side because of his character. He strikes fear into the opponent’s heart and gets under his skin.   He plays football in the same manner as a hockey player plays hockey. In hockey terms he would be described as a “policeman”.  He has more of an eye for where an opponent’s leg is than for where the actual football is. Canadians will love him. When he played for Blackburn Rovers, the team’s alternate name was the “Black-eye Rovers”

Savage is a great talking head and would be a delight for reporters.   He will provide character in the dressing room and allow our players to play without fear.

There is no doubt Savage, at 35, is a bit old, but he was always tremendously fit and I think he has a couple of more years left in him.  I my view he would be a tremendous acquisition for the club and would bring the same kind of colour and character to the Vancouver Whitecaps as Danny Dichio did for Toronto FC.

Lets hope it happens.


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  1. Over two weeks now without a blog! Were you so disappointed that the Savage Robbie decided not to come to play for the Team?

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