“First Kick” A Bit of A Dud For Whitecaps Fans

December 24, 2010 at 5:13 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 2 Comments

This week Major League Soccer released the date of each team’s “first kick”: that is, the first home game and the opponent.  The Vancouver Whitecaps first home match opponent will be Toronto FC on March 19, 2011.  For those of us who have been following the Whitecaps recently, we have seen TFC at home and away for three years in a row now, so opening against TFC will not be quite the thrill it is cracked up to be.

Who would I rather face for the first game?  There are a number of teams I would have preferred to face for the first historic MLS match; Seattle or Portland, for a start. When the Seattle Sounders and the Toronto Lynx were playing against the Whitecaps in the United Soccer Leagues, the games against Seattle were ones we looked forward to with real anticipation, certainly more so than games against Toronto. The same goes for Portland. Facing “Seattle the Evil” is more fun than facing “Toronto the good”. I would also rather see the LA galaxy or the New York Red Bulls, for the star power of David Beckham or Thierry Henri. Dwayne de Rosario just does not cut it anymore!  It does not help matters that TFC have played very poor football for years now. They probably won’t be sorted out so early in the season to give us a good footballing spectacle.

While we love to hate Toronto, and the first match in MLS will be special without a doubt, watching TFC play the Whitecaps for the seventh time in 4 years does not really get me that excited.  The event itself will no doubt be grand, but for me it will be because it is our first match in Major League Soccer rather than because it is against Toronto.

On a positive note, because TFC has been a bit of a shambles for years now,  there is a good chance we will celebrate a win in our inaugural MLS match.



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  1. They have to play someone in their first match, and if it happens to be TFC, than so be it. But, like you, I’d rather see the Sounders too. They’re a better rival for the Whitecaps than a team 3000+ km away, even if they are in Canada.

    The MLS’ own podcast even speculated on whether extra tickets should be set aside for TFC fans to make the trip to Vancouver for games against the ‘Caps. Guess they don’t realize that Toronto -> Vancouver is about the same distance as Columbus -> Los Angeles. Lots of Crew fans make the trek to LA each year, though, right? 😉

    Good post though.

    • Thanks VG. I will be very interested to see if we get any significant travelling support outside of Portland and Seattle, which always had a culture of coming up here to Van City to see matches.

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