Bellisomo Not Given Contract By Whitecaps

December 11, 2010 at 6:50 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 4 Comments

Today the Whitecaps made two wise signings and one unwise unsigning.   The team picked up Greg Janicki, which can come as no surprise to anyone remotely informed about his performance last year for the Whitecaps, and Terry Dunfield, a midfield battler who proved his heart and worth during the second half of the Whitecap’s last season.

I find it hard to believe the Whitecaps did not sign Luca Bellisomo, however.  At the beginning of the season Luca was perhaps our best player, even if he played almost exclusively in a defensive role.  Luca is physically strong and intimidating, and plays an uncompromising style.  Luca proved his character and versatility by demonstrating he could play in midfield and in the back four.  I must say I am a bit mystified and can’t help but think the Whitecaps have made a mistake there.  With a bit more polishing he had the potential to be a solid defensive midfielder.

It is hard to tell what has happened from a distance, but I would have put money on his being signed up for the Vancouver Whitecap’s first Major League Soccer season.



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  1. Welcome to the world of no(or limited ) Canadian quota in the MLS. The team will be Dunfield, a few foreign players, maybe a designated(Keane?) and the rest US citizens of standard. Nash would have been the other.

    • I am hopeful some more Canadian lads will be in the squad, but the fact is the Yanks are doing a better job of player development than us…

  2. I too am mystified. I would have bet some money on Bellisimo being signed for next season. He was one of our better players and was only going to get better.

  3. Even if the later cut him, he deserved to fight for a roster spot in Casa Grande.

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