Whitecaps Partner With EA Sports

November 30, 2010 at 5:35 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | Leave a comment

Today the Whitecaps announced another “founding partner” in EA Sports.  The announcement was concluded with an EA Sports simulation of Bob Lenarduzzi scoring multiple goals for the Whitecaps in their new kit.   The power of computer animation was truly demonstrated as Bob was made to look and play like Raul, the legendary former Real Madrid striker!

All jokes aside, the simulation was very impressive indeed and marks a partnership made in heaven for both sides.  The Whitecaps get to place their new logo next to one of the top electronic games producers in the world, an organization which is creative, dynamic and catering to the youth market.  EA Sports, whose employees are huge football fans, will get to be a part of the tsunami of enthusiasm which will surround the Vancouver Whitecaps in its opening season next year.  EA Sports will make it possible to play their most recent soccer game as the Vancouver Whitecaps, and will contribute to youth soccer development.

The announcement demonstrates the Vancouver Whitecaps are an organization poised for success right out of the box in commercial terms.  The Whitecaps have attracted sponsorship from commercial partners who represent powerful and dynamic sectors of the Canadian economy: a massive telecomunication firm in Bell, a rock-solid establishment Canadian bank in BMO, and now a brash young electronic games company for whom the sky is the limit.   These are very impressive partners indeed.

I think it is clear that the modern game of football requires a solid commercial basis for success on the field.  The Whitecaps are getting the commercial side of this equation spectacularly right, and the credit goes to Paul Barber.  Now it remains to be seen if the Whitecap’s stated goal of becoming one of the top 25 football clubs in the world can be achieved within Major League Soccer’s strict salary cap rules.   At this point, it appears commercial goals are far more attainable than football goals on the pitch.

Now if only Barber would stop talking up his allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur…  It turns out the EA Sports VP Matt Bilbey is also a Spurs fan, horror of horrors!

I could excuse them both if they supported a decent team like West Ham United or Leeds United, but Tottenham?



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