MLS teams in Copa Libertadores?

October 31, 2010 at 2:27 am | Posted in General Football, Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 2 Comments

The MLS site has broken the news that COMBEBOL, the South American soccer federation, is looking into letting MLS teams into the Copa Libertadores.   The Copa L is the second best club competition in the world, and not too far off in quality from the UEFA Champions League.  This would be an incredible benefit to MLS teams.   While fans of MLS do not take the CONCACAF Champions League that seriously (the same can be said of MLS teams themselves, and Mexican teams too), the COPA L is something to get excited about, with the top teams from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and other quality football nations competing.

Lets hope it comes into fruition.  Here is the story:



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  1. ….hello…we did a story today stating that BC Place can not be closed when it’s raining or windy….does anyone with the Whitecaps fan club have any thoughts…

    please give me a call,


    Robert Zimmerman
    CBC News


    • Robert: As a soccer fan I have no problem with wind or rain. The elements are a part of the game and the game is played through winter in Europe, though some northern European countries observe a one-month winter break. Part of the problem with the old BC Place was the lack of sun, rain and wind made the place feel very sterile. I, for one, will welcome wind and rain!

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