Arnoux Saves Caps Against Persistent Timbers

October 4, 2010 at 2:06 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 2 Comments

Cody Arnoux spared us from a second consecutive embarrassing defeat at home by scoring his first goal for the Vancouver Whitecaps. I have criticized Arnoux and have wondered aloud what the Whitecaps were doing giving so many minutes to Arnoux, who has not looked remotely like scoring in previous games.

Today Arnoux showed the commitment that has been missing from him when he tied the game 2-2 by sending his body flying into a bullet header that found the back of the net and saved the game. He ended up in a hilarious pile of bodies at the far post which incuded two of his teammates and one Timbers defender. It was not clear who scored the goal, but it soon became clear who did. Arnoux looked absolutely thrilled and went into a crazy celebration with the Southsiders. What a relief for Cody, and for the rest of us, too! If confidence has been Arnoux’s problem, this will give him a boost. We need one of our strikers to go on a tear if we are to take the team through the playoffs to the final.

Dunfield gave us the opener in the Match on an equally brave header in the first half. Dunfield certainly gives his all, and has no problem throwing himself in where it is dangerous. He took a number of nasty knocks in this game and I hope he is fit to play in the first leg of the playoffs.

While our defence has been very solid this year, one team who can score on us is the Portland Timbers, and in the beginning of the second half they equalized and soon after went ahead.   The timbers also created a lot of chances. If not for MVP Jay Nolly, we could have been humbled. While the match stats show us dominating the game, the Timbers created a lot of good quality chances-we will have to defend expertly if we are going to win the series.

Portland is also good at defending, and only gave up one more goal this season than we did. They scored more goals, but only by a few. It looks like this is going to be a close series!

We have been waiting for one of our strikers to go on a scoring streak. Is this the start of a streak for Arnoux? Lets hope so, because we will need it to win this series.

It was a great atmosphere for the last regular season game at Swangard.   We will miss that place.



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  1. Hi, Arnoux actually scored..i was in shock. I still have my doubts about him so lets see what happens Thursday. After his goal I almost believed the impossible was possible….that perhaps actually even McDonald could do something other than flop around and fall….i was wrong…he managed to fall three times in the few minutes he played…like i said my six year old daughter could take the ball away from him.

  2. What an enjoyable game. The sun, the atmosphere, the quality of football on display… all a fitting ending to a good season and some great times at Swangard. Well done to Arnoux, to Chiumiento, to Nash and Dunfield, to Nolly and the boys at the back, and all the other players who put in their time yesterday.

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