Whitecaps Poor in Loss to Rival Montreal

September 25, 2010 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 3 Comments

The Whitecaps had a brief good spell at the start of this 0-1 loss to the Montreal Impact, but overall the Whitecaps were poor on this night.    Other than in a few shoving matches after bad fouls, the Whitecaps did not show the determination and fight necessary to beat the Impact, who created more chances and more shots on goal than us.

We had  a bit of a patchwork defensive four, with two of the four (Forko and Gage as full backs)  being second stringers, but the problems were up front on this night.   One marking error left Eddie Sebrango to split Gage and Janicki for a deadly header which Whitecaps keeper Nolly just barely failed to stop.  Once again, Whitecaps and 86ers old boy Sebrango proved our undoing.

Four strikers (Arnoux and Mobulu started, McDonald and Edwini-Bonsu subbed in) could barely manufacture a chance between them all.

Whenever Montreal comes to town they are very well organized defensively, and there is no doubt they are very difficult to score on when they get their game going.  Our strikers never really made them uncomfortable, which is a scandal considering this is a home match.

Only when Davide Chiumiento came on in the last third of the match did a Whitecap look like he might make Montreal’s back line sweat.  They say he is not match fit, but he looked pretty good in the 30 minutes or so he had to play.  He whipped in a couple of dangerous free kicks, one of which brought an extraordinary save from Montreal keeper Jordan, who was excellent as usual.

Frankly, last nights striking quartet had better pack their bags and get ready to go home, because on that performance none will make the team next year.  Our strikers should have the skill to make Montreal’s defence work.  Arnoux created a good early chance with a cross from the right of goal but both men running on were too deep for the cross and the ball eventually fell to Davies, who is precisely the guy you don’t want to have the ball come to for a shot on goal.  He sliced it wide.

In the end, none of the four strikers had the skill or effort to run at and beat the Impact back line.

If there is a bright spot to take from last night, it was that Chiumiento looks like the real thing, and if he gets fit for the playoffs we will be  a threat to win it.   He looks like he can score goals from free kicks, and his touch on the ball is far superior to anything we have seen in recent memory.   Montreal had to resort to fouling him to stop him.

The midfield was a battle last night, and the central midfield pairing of Nash and Dunfield looked formidable.  Wagner and Davies failed to get good quality crosses into the box, however.    We missed Wes knight for both his long throws and his quality crosses.

This was a very disappointing result.  The Whitecaps played as flat as a pancake against our biggest rival in our own park. This is not good enough, and there is no doubt that the constant change in the squad and the lack of security for next year is starting to get at the players, who are not playing with confidence.   Our defence and midfield are sound, but we are a disaster up front.

Oh, how we miss Sebrango, Jordan and Gbeke…



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  1. Zero shots on net from open play. McDonald and Arnoux were crap, Mobulu and REB only just better.

  2. Arnoux is terrible, MacDonald is a disaster..flops and flops and my six year could strip him of the ball. Start Mobulu and REB that combo was dangerous at least. I think once a again Montreal has stuck a fork in us (they can drink their labatt knowing they knocked us out of first place …biens voyons donc)

  3. Arnoux was NOT crap. He was no Chiumiento, but this was easily his best game. The issue is with strikers who cannot make things happen with the feeds they are given.

    McDonald, however, must have something we’re not seeing … like a picture of Soehn with a goat or something.

    I don’t miss Gbeke. Big, but whiny.

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