Another Bloody Draw: Caps Host Puerto Rico

September 6, 2010 at 5:01 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 1 Comment

If we have to see any more draws this season, I am going to suggest the league return to NASL style shootouts, because this is becoming ridiculous.   To make it worse it was a 0-0 draw. The Whitecaps were toothless up front and striker after striker fluffed shots and headers in front of goal.

The Puerto Rico Islanders came to play as they always do, fielding a very strong team.  I must say it is always a pleasure to watch them because they do put out a team that has a lot of character.   They are not afraid to throw their weight around and really sent in some crunching tackles.

Cody Arnoux started up front for the Whitecaps and looked very poor.  Why he is getting so much playing time I do not know.   His excuse in the local media is that he is not yet fit, but fitness is the responsibility of the player, and he should have shown up fit from the start.  Why there has been such a buzz around this guy is a mystery, and I wonder if we have been had.    He looked terrible when he was through on goal in the first half and only fluffed the shot straight at the keeper.  He tried a ridiculous 40- yard effort in the second half. He should not be starting the match.

After Arnoux came off in the 60th minute, Jonathan McDonald came on.  It makes me wonder why he did not  start because he was fitter, faster and stronger than Arnoux. If we had him in the game from the start we could have won it.

Randy Edwini-Bonsu  also came on as a sub and looked incredibly fast, but once again he was not able to use his speed to actually score.  He fluffed one shot and missed what should have been a winning header very late into the match.

Mobulu had a quiet match which was a bit disappointing after last weeks excellent game.

New signing Gershon Koffie got a start and held his weight though he did little that could be called outstanding.   It just shows you how far the Whitecaps are throwing their web when we are signing players from the third tier of Ghanaian football.  He is only 19, and I suppose it is a good sign that he did not look out of place in the game.

I have to say, even though it was frustrating there were no goals for the ‘Caps, it was a very competitive and hard fought game of football.   The level of play was high (except in front of the net…).

I hung out with two visiting fellows from London who are Queen’s Park Rangers fans. They had been to a previous match on their trip to Vancouver which was also a 0-0 draw. The poor fellows had watched through 180 minutes of Whitecaps football and did not get to see a goal. Sorry, lads…

The poor form of our strikers has me yearning for the days of Jason Jordan.  There was a time there where Jordan was banging in goals just for fun.   How long has it been since we had a really polished striker who could consistently score like him?

Last year our problem was at the centre of the back line, this year it is the centre of our forward line.

Whitecaps fans yearn for goals: is there a striker who can lead us out of the desert?


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  1. I thought Edwini-Bonsuuuuuu’s header was pretty difficult, and the replay shows that; a diving header is always hard, and it wasn’t much in front of him, so he had to dive sideways too.

    I share your disappointment with Arnoux. He so far hasn’t shown any finished product, be it his shots or crosses, and even his short passing isn’t particularly good yet. I think he’s got potential, though.

    Wagner and Nash also disappointed, putting too many balls forward to no one. But our entire team was guilty of that yesterday. Z was solid, as always, but really, no one impressed really.

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