Whitecaps Press Conference Poor Showing For Club

September 3, 2010 at 7:17 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS, Whitecaps Season 2010 | 10 Comments

Yesterday the Whitecaps conducted a press conference to announce the appointment of Teitur Thordarson as head coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps for 2011.  The press conference itself was a poor reflection on the club and sets a bad standard for professionalism at the club.

Would it be too much to ask that the Whitecaps top brass dress appropriately for the occasion?

Paul Barber, Bob Lenarduzzi, Nathan Vanstone and Teitur himself looked like they had just rolled out of the pub after 4 pints and a game of darts. Is this the standard the club is setting for itself?

During the press conference Paul Barber talked about the ambitions of the club, not only to be a great club in Canada, but in the football world.  His message might have been taken more seriously had he dressed like a man with seriousness and ambition. Can you imagine a press conference at Real Madrid or Barcelona to announce the new head coach in which the top brass showed up not wearing a tie?   Only the finest clothes should be worn on such an occasion.

I know we are on the West Coast, and we have a more relaxed attitude towards dress. Frankly, in Vancouver, this means we dress like a bunch of slobs.  The top brass of the Vancouver Whitecaps should not follow suit (so to speak).

The announcement of  the head coach for the Whitecaps first season in the MLS is an auspicious occasion and a milestone in the club’s history.   The team should have done better by treating the occasion with the respect it deserves.  I feel Teitur himself deserved better than that.

The press conference looked positively amateurish, and stood in stark contrast with the stated ambitions of the club according to Barber. Barber, Lenarduzzi, and Thordarson wore awful denim shirts with no tie and dark jackets. Nathan Vanstone, who, as Manager of  Media Relations & Broadcast at the Whitecaps is probably the one responsible for this fiasco, wore a differently coloured jacket and shirt and no tie. It looked bloody awful. Vanstone, or whoever is responsible for the press conference, should be given a stern talking to by whoever is in charge (I think that would be you, Mr Barber).

Leadership sets the tone for conduct, and I would expect Paul Barber to dress appropriately for the occasion, not like he was on vacation or at the pub.   Respect for the club is not where it should be at head office.    The top brass should show the respect for the club that it deserves, and set a better tone in the future.

An attitude of professionalism is necessary at all levels of a football club in order for it to succeed.

If the top brass conducted themselves appropriately and dressed properly for the occasion, their stated ambitions for the club would certainly sound a lot more credible.



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  1. What bullshit. You would take them more seriously if they had a piece of cloth hanging from their neck?

    • Yes they would, actually! Next time they might as well hire some fellows who are down on their luck from Main and Hastings to do the press conference.

      • Cloth=credibilty? Wierd.

      • Its called a tie by the way!!!

  2. Really struggling to take you seriously on this … and I’m a stickler for dressing for the occaision.

    If I had an issue with anything, it was how “off-the-cuff” the presser was. Outside of the video presentation (which was great IMO … Wenger aside ) it just felt as if they were making it up as they went along. I haven’t worked in media for a long time. Press conferences used to be a bit more “serious” … a bit more polished. But maybe that’s how I remembered them. I dunno.

    But the clothes didn’t bother me. At least on the internet feed they all looked “office casual” which is perfectly fine for the occaision.

    • Office casual is for the office. This was a major PUBLIC announcement for the club and should have been conducted with more dignity.

  3. I attended the press conference and thought it was fine. They were dressed formal enough I thought. Half the press were dressed in shorts, or t-shirts, being too formal would be inappropriate and elitist.

    The venue itself was too small though. I think the turnout was larger than expected. It was nice though to be across the street from BC place. Allowed a great look at the progress.

    • There is nothing inappropriate or elitist in dressing properly. If the club aspires towards being a top club in global football they had better act like it. Just look at the way Wenger, Mourinho and Ferguson dress when they coach their teams. It shows the fans and the players the club is serious about what it is doing. Who cares what the press wear? They are behind the cameras. The Whitecaps should put their best foot forward. These things actually do matter.

      I a really excited about getting the team downtown like you. I think it is going to be bigger than we can imagine. To bad they will be playing on that rotten fieldturf!

  4. You really blow your credibility with this bitch session. Are you that anal retentive that you have to find something shitty to say? If you dont like denim shirts so be it; but get a fucken life man.

    You really have lost your crediblity on this blog with such an assanine thing to complain about.

    • I seem as though you are wrong my friend. The whitecaps brass all wore suits and ties at Marty Nash’s retirement announcement today. Lost credibility? I don’t think so. I think it is a case of credibility gained!

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