Hammers Era Under Grant Starts With a Whimper

August 18, 2010 at 5:12 am | Posted in Hammers | 2 Comments

A 3-0 loss to Aston Villas was a sobering beginning for West Ham supporters last Saturday. The Hammers looked great in their new away kit but were a horrible team on the pitch. The Hammer’s new manager Avram Grant started players from last year’s squad with the exception of defender Winston Reid, one of New Zealand’s World Cup heroes.

The Hammers must have set a new world record for the number of corner kicks conceded. Actually, it was 16, and perhaps I exaggerate, but the number of corner kicks illustrates just how pegged back West Ham’s defence was for most of the match.  It also illustrates the team is not very fit.

Robert Green picked up where he left off against the yanks in the World Cup, playing absolutely awfully in goal.   He was completely lost at sea coming out for crosses, and gifted Villa their second goal through a ridiculously bad attempt to punch the ball.  It is clear Green needs to get back to basics because his confidence is absolutely shot.    He should be benched until he gets his act together.  It won’t help matters that his rival  for the England post, (if it can be called a rivalry any more!), Joe Hart played an absolute stunner for Manchester City on the same day.

With last years squad being so disappointing, it was a wonder to me that Grant did not start the Hammer’s new acquisitions from the outset of the match. Barrera and Piquionne should have started;  the Hammers looked better after they came on at the half.  West Ham’s squad needs shock therapy, and benching fellows from last years squad should be a start.

Topkins was a disaster in central defence, and Matt Upson is looking slow and overweight.  Time for the fitness coach to punish the squad with some gruelling training sessions.

Hope springs eternal in the human heart, but West Ham looked like relegation fodder last weekend.  Lets hope the Grant effect takes off sometime soon…



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  1. Another tough loss, this time to a resurgent Bolton side. Bolton are better than people think this season, but that’s still 6 goals against in two games.

  2. The Hammers are painfully bad! Losing 0-3 at home to Bolton? Disgraceful!

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