Scottish Football Must Change: Form The North Atlantic League!

August 5, 2010 at 4:38 am | Posted in General Football | 6 Comments

Today Scottish “powerhouse” Celtic crashed out of the Champions League qualifying round to little Sporting Braga of Portugal. While Braga is no slouch in footballing terms, there is no way a giant club like Celtic should be losing to Braga over two legs.

Celtic is a massive team with huge support at home and abroad.    Celtic were the first team from Great Britain to win the European Cup.  The “Lions of Lisbon” took the cup in 1967, beating none other than Inter Milan 2-1.   The club is a now a shadow of its former self.   Today’s embarrassing defeat calls for a rethinking of Scottish football.   Other countries such as Holland, Belgium and Portugal must also look at themselves in the mirror.

The problem with Celtic is the lack of competition in their domestic league.  The quality of their league simply does not require that Celtic be of the same quality as clubs in the English Premiership or other leagues.    The only real competition at home is with Rangers, the other massive Glasgow club which languishes in the Scottish League.   A lack of serious competition domestically means Celtic and Rangers are ill-prepared to play clubs in European competition.

While some advocate having Celtic and Rangers join the English Premiership (or the Championship on their way to the Premiership), I disagree.  I advocate the creation of the North Atlantic League in which the giant clubs of smaller countries like Scotland, Holland, Belgium, and Portugal play in a league of their own.  This is the only way these teams will be able to prosper and thrive in footballing terms, and the only way they can hope to compete with the big four of Germany, England, Italy and Spain.  The big four suck talent away from the smaller leagues in Europe, and it is time the smaller leagues fought back.

It is time for big clubs like Celtic to return to the greater glory they had in their past.  They must embrace change in order to do so. These clubs must be able to play a higher standard of football week-in, week-out in order to return to their former glories.   The way forward for the big clubs in smaller countries is to form a super league of their own.

It is time to form the North Atlantic League.



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  1. This is something that was talked about years ago and UEFA said that all teams involved would be ineligible for Champions League… I think it was called the Atlantic League.

    That said… I agree that Scottish football needs help fast or the trend of the last 20 years will continue…

    I’ll sum up my feelings about that loss to Braga in four words though… I’m a Rangers supporter 😉

    • Hardly an unbiased opinion!!! I would say to UEFA, too bad, so sad, we won’t be cannon fodder in your league any more! The big clubs in the smaller leagues need to make some bold moves to shake up the status quo, which is just dragging them all down on their knees.

  2. Such a league will always be second class relative to the Champions League. I think the answer is to restrict the number of non-nationals on club teams.

    • The comparator is not the Champions League, but the English, Spanish, German and Italian Leagues. I am suggesting these big clubs abandon their domestic leagues and play in a North Atalntic League of their own.

  3. Sorry, have to disagree on this one. It would be a logistical nightmare for the team and its fans (having to fly for every away match?), and it would really reduce the rivalries.

    • European travel is very efficient, and the distances are relatively short. Air travel in Europe is very cheap indeed. Because Ranger and Celtic would be playing in the same league, classic rivalries would continue. Ajax v Feyenoord and Ajax v PSV would continue.

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