Whitecaps Go Back to Rubbish Against Minnesota

July 26, 2010 at 7:21 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 1 Comment

I wonder what is going on with this year’s Whitecaps squad.  The team looks unfocussed and demoralized.  One would think that all of the players in the squad would be doing their best to impress with a possible spot in Major League Soccer on the line, but tonight’s team looked like they would rather be at home for Sunday dinner than on the pitch playing football. The Whitecaps were poor in execution and were not sharp in front of goal.   They failed to exploit many corner kicks and free kicks in Minny’s third of the field.

I wonder whether some of our players actually take pride in pulling on the club’s shirt. Watching the game tonight you could be forgiven it you did not know which team was playing at home. The Whitecaps had some sustained early pressure, but the rest of the night a very ordinary Minnesota squad looked quite comfortable for most of the evening. When the Whitecaps are at home, with the squad we have, the visiting team should be under constant pressure. We just did not do this, and again the question is: why?

There has been a shake-up in the squad as Justin Moose was let go.  Perhaps this has upset the squad, but if it was meant to motivate the other players it did not work.

Centre-back Janicki was suspended,  and Bellisomo moved from midfield to centre-back.  Gage started his first game for ages in midfield.  Gage did alright, but moving Bellisomo may have unbalanced the team a bit.  The Whitecaps played like a bunch of strangers tonight.

Caps keeper Jay Nolly surrendered what looked like another soft one midway though the first half.   Poor Jay is having a bit of a bad patch, and needs to get back to his solid ways.  I have faith he will work his way through it.

Rising to the occasion like a true Captain, Martin Nash saved our blushes with a strike in the 67th minute.  As always happens, I was cursing Nash for wasting yet another corner kick by over hitting the ball well past our own players in the penalty box when he hit the goal which tied the game.   Criticize a player and the next play he does something brilliant!

The last two games against Miami and Portland the Whitecaps played good, entertaining  football, but tonight they returned to the unfocussed rubbish they have been playing at home for most of the season.  It just not good enough!

We should be beating teams like Minnesota with goals to spare.


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  1. Hi i felt actually it was a very entertaining game and it seemed that the whitecaps were on the verge of popping in some goals when the miscue by Nolly deflated the team somewhat. Also i just do not know what has to happen for the whitecaps to get a call in the box this year at home. Last night there were three penalties (one absolutely clear handball by Minnesota, one where Elliot was tackled in the box and another where James was tripped up (that was a closer call)). I do agree that at this rate at most 4 will make the jump to the MLS.

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