Wagner Strikes Three and Shows His Class

July 16, 2010 at 3:17 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 2 Comments

Last night’s 3-1 win over Miami FC  really was the first truly enjoyable match to watch at Swangard this year, and it’s about time.   The football fan wants to see something special when attending a match.   Tense, goalless draws are not why we attend. We really want to see goals or at least some close chances.  Football flair and skill are much appreciated.

One thing that has been missing for fans this year in watching the Whitecaps is the absence of a likeable characters on the team with true flair and class as footballers.  In the past we had players we loved, because of their character.  Recently, we admired Eddie Sebrango, Charles Gbeke and Wesley Charles.  All of them were great players we loved to watch.  They were capable of doing something special.  This year’s team has been tough and hard working, but footballing flair and likeable characters have been missing.

Thankfully we are getting some relief from a fellow called Blake Wagner.   He was the best player on the pitch last night by far, and had chances that could have resulted in six goals.  He had to settle for only three.  The great Johan Cruyff said about football: don’t worry about running too fast, just try to arrive at the right time, or words to that effect.  Wagner showed the importance of timing as three of his perfectly timed runs from midfield resulted in goals.  Wagner has the ability to lose his midfield marker and arrive for a pass back from the forwards for a devastating strike.

Wagner suffered a foot injury earlier in the season, from which he has only recently recovered.   He really has shown what a class footballer he is over the past two games.  How the MLS teams have not found a way to keep him on board I do not know.

On the first goal, he gave a beautifully weighted pass to Khalfan from midfield, and then sprinted into the box for a return pass and hit the ball first time for a goal.

If this year’s team is really about auditioning for the MLS in 2011, Wagner has certainly done very well.  He is, after two games, demonstrating himself to be head and shoulders above the rest of the players on his team.  But is he consistent?  Lets hope he stays injury free and keeps expressing himself well on the pitch.   If we can hang on to him, Wagner looks to be a Whitecap for 2011.

With Wagner playing so well and Phillipe Davies steadily improving, the rest of the season looks to be much more entertaining than the dull beginning we have been subjected to by this year’s Whitecaps.



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  1. Sad to have missed this one, after seeing the potential Wagner showed against St. Louis. Where to put Toure, now, because he also had a good game.

    • Sad is right, this was the only good home game of the year so far!

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