Thank You South Africa!

July 13, 2010 at 4:23 am | Posted in World Cup Memories | Leave a comment

Thank you South Africa for a wonderful World Cup!

South Africa heaped shame on the doubters by running a very successful World Cup, which ranked behind only Germany 2006 and USA 1994 in ticket sales.  South Africa has shown the World what Africa can achieve, and that Africans can host and execute not only a world class event, but one of the biggest events in the world.  I for one, am delighted by this.

South Africa achieved a political miracle in the early 90’s, making the transformation from a repressive apartheid regime into a thriving democracy, embracing for itself the ideal of a “Rainbow Nation”.   Nelson Mandela and Willem De Klerk negotiated a peaceful solution together and won the Nobel Peace Prize while they were at it.   Mandela took over the leadership of the country after a fully democratic election.  Now they have achieved an organizational miracle in hosting a wonderful World Cup.

Mandela dreamed the dream of hosting one of the world’s biggest event, the World Cup.   The World’s football authorities responded and gave it their stamp of approval.   Many doubters thought they could not do it.  Africans could not host a world Cup, it  would be a disaster.  How wrong they were, and how proud South Africa can be.

While hosting the World Cup will not solve all of South Africa’s political and economic problems, it does show all Africans and the World what they are capable of achieving by working together.   This is the factor the cynics can never see because they only look at the balance sheet of such events, not at the human spirit.

For the spirit of South Africa, I believe this World Cup will pay rich dividends in the future which are incalculable.


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