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  1. Aaaand once again you blame Paul Barber for a decision that Bobby Lenarduzzi had more of a hand in than Barber himself. I know most of us love Bobby and are loathe to make him a scapegoat, but he is far “guiltier” (I use that work for those who believe the Whitecaps committed a “sin”) than Barber. My best guess is that you simply don’t understand how long logo changes and rebranding takes. This process was well underway before Paul Barber’s arrival. Stop blaming the poor guy! I can tell by the technical proficiency of your writing that you are a smart individual. And I have made this point about Barber in several responses. Why are you blaming all this on Paul Barber all the time? Blame Lenarduzzi at least; the charge is more justly laid at his feet.

    • Jeremy: You are very wise indeed! I cannot bring myself to criticize Bob L. I know Bobby had a hand in the new Uni and Logo, but Bob is one of the heroes in 79. I must confess, as one of those heroes I am saddened by the fact Bobby would allow such a departure from Whitecaps traditions, but his record and achievements make him very difficult to criticize. It is like going after Mother Teresa! Paul Barber is the CEO. What happens with the club is his responsibility. Coming from English football, he should know the importance of tradition in the game. He has been given an easy ride thus far and frankly, Whitecaps supporters groups have become so sycophantic they have fallen under his spell! It is amazing what you can get away with with a slick English accent!

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