Whitecaps Held To a Draw By St Louis

July 10, 2010 at 4:34 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 2 Comments

After a month on the road, we finally got to see our lads at home once again.  They had done well on the road, having won two games and tied three.

Luckily for the Caps, a rare event saved the day:  Randy Edwini-Bonsu scored a goal.  Up to that point the only real joy on the night for the fans was when a small blonde child ran onto the pitch wearing a Liverpool jersey.   The child was quickly snatched up in the safe hands of Jay Nolly, who gave the kid back to his older brother.   This recalled a similar incident from about five years ago when Martin Nash saved a similar wandering child.

Last night’s game was a bit of a stalemate, and it was looking like we were going for 0-0 draw number 8 when St. Louis scored a goal on a poorly defended corner kick late in the game.    Up to that point the Whitecaps had dominated play and St Louis looked like they had executed the perfect away team strategy: defend first and try to score on the counter attack or on a dead ball situation.

The desperate nature of our striker situation was laid bear when we started with only one striker who is not really a striker. Nizar Khalfan started up front and did not look too bad, though he squandered a chance for a volley in the first half.  He was in the clear and snatched at the ball, sending it rocketing over the crossbar.  He needed to wait just a bit longer and let the ball drop a bit more and it was a goal.  But then that is why he is not a striker!

Given the superb manner in which Eddie Bonsu took his goal it really makes you wonder why he has not scored many more. He ghosted his way behind a huge defender, took the ball on his chest when the defender miscalculated the trajectory of the ball, and cooly stabbed the ball into the net to save the game.  He made it look so easy it was remarkable.  Hopefully this is the beginning of many more, Eddie!

The cross was delivered by Blake Wagner who really had a great game.  He nearly scored in the first half and looked like a very mature and intelligent footballer indeed on the night.  His experience in the MLS really showed through.  Here’s hoping he gets some more games.

I am also really enjoying watching Phillipe Davies.  I got a close look at him and he is an intelligent footballer.  He is curiously clumsy and has poor coordination, so how he manages to be a very good footballer I don’t know.  But football history is littered with great players who did not look at all like athletes (just look at Lionel Messi) and appeared clumsy upon first look.  I find him intriguing as a player and look forward to watching him play more.  I don’t think we can expect to see many goals from him because he is completely clueless in front of the net.   He plays intelligent passes on the outside right and puts in good crosses however.

Given the team is not scoring goals, I will have to get joy from watching our young players develop…

It was not much of a game really, and we should be potting many more goals if we only took our chances.  I feel that one game we will get over this and a huge flood of goals will come. Let’s hope it is soon.



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  1. Your description of Davies is spot on. I don’t think he’s a great player, but then he does things that are quite good. It’s odd.

    I thought Toure had a good game, and Wagner was excellent.

    • Thanks Brenton. it is nice to see players who have quality, isn’t it?

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