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  1. Dear Whitecapsfanblog,

    I hope all is well.

    When you have a couple minutes tomorrow, would you be able to give me a call or send an e-mail? I would like to clarify the process the Club went through in developing our new logo and jersey.

    Many thanks,

    • Thanks Nathan. I feel it is a bit late to learn about the process now that it is over, but I will give you a call in any event.

  2. It’s always the best for a fan blog not to have any affiliation with the official team site. I’d rather read honest opinions any day. I’m with you that the logo looks more like a huge corporations logo, and the kit’s don’t do anything for me either.

    Then again I was 13 in 1979 so I know where you are coming from in regards to preferring tradition.

    • Well spoken K-head. I had no idea you were a blogger. I checked out your blog, which was well worth visiting. I will be a frequent visitor.

      • I’m an active blogger when the mood strikes. I’ve found it better to write what you want on a blog and let people decide whether they want to read what you have to say. That way they only have themselves to blame if they constantly dislike what you have to say! Besides I think I’ve worn out my welcome on some of the discussion boards. Thanks for the compliment, I’ll be checking out your blog frequently as well.

  3. I can’t believe that the Whitecaps would cut you from their Fanzone. I always thought that your blogs were excellent for their site and better than anything that appears in the local press. I hope they will reinstate your writings soon. It seems rather childish to cut you for being critical of the choice of logo and jersey, which are well worthy of criticism.

  4. I consider myself a traditionalist and I too was less than impressed with the logo and kit selection for our inaugural season and return to top flight football. I still hold a grudge dating back to 1980 when they dared to introduce those awful red numerals to an otherwise pristine jersey. However, in this day and age of marketing and when kits and styles change from season to season, (especially in the world of soccer), I still hold out hope that the Whitecaps will bring in a kit that will pay homage to those brilliant kits of 1979 – 1984. I do recall the San Jose Earthquakes wearing a throwback NASL jersey for one or two games a few seasons back so there is always hope. I for one will be attending the games sporting my classic 1980 throwback and I will continue to do so until such time that the Whitecaps can come up with a suitable replacement.
    I’m afraid that the logo is here to stay and I pray that at the very least we hold on to our colors and avoid at all costs the path of the Vancouver Canucks and the mish mash of various logo, uniform and color changes.

  5. Saw this today, designed by adidas, now I’m even more disapointed in our kit.


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