South American Downturn At World Cup 2010

July 4, 2010 at 10:26 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010, World Cup Memories | Leave a comment

After all of the South American teams breezed their way into the round of 16 I though this was the World Cup which would belong to South America.  This especially seemed so when France and Italy disintegrated in the first round.  With the quarters, how dramatically this has turned, and it looks like this World Cup is Europe’s to take home.  When the World Cup is held outside of Europe, the rule is that a South American team will win.   We are about to see that rule changed.

Only little Uruguay is left to carry the South American continent.  In spite of their heroism, the chance of Uruguay winning two more games is almost nil.  It was only by some kind of miracle they got past Ghana. Will they pull off a Greece as at Euro 2004? I suppose they might, but injuries and suspensions to key men suggest otherwise.

It looks as though It will be Holland in the final, which I hope they win.  One of the great injustices of World football is that the Dutch and the Hungarians have not won a World Cup.  Hungary might never get the chance to do so.  This is Holland’s best chance, and the chance will not come again soon for that relatively small nation.   Whether they meet Spain or Germany, Holland will have a daunting task ahead of them.  The Germans are playing as though they are from another planet.  They are peaking in their confidence.   A few months back, Argentina beat Germany 1-0 in an exhibition match.  This demonstrates how the Germans, who beat Argentina 4-0 yesterday, have gotten their act together in a big way.

I for one, am sad to see Argentina and Paraguay go out.  Alas, early form suggested they might go further but they did not in the end have the quality to see them through.  They both played fantastic football, however, and did so as proud exponents of of Latin American football, unlike Brazil, who left in disgrace, having abandoned their footballing values.

At this point I always get a bit sad to see teams go.  I get attached to them.   It is just like saying goodbye to close relatives who have been visiting.


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