Holland Strikes a Blow for Football

July 3, 2010 at 4:02 am | Posted in World Cup 2010, World Cup Memories | 6 Comments

By beating Dunga’s Brazil 2-1 today, the Dutch not only scored a great victory for their country, but they also struck a blow for football.  Dunga was never the man to coach Brazil. He is the most extreme exponent of the defensive, Europeanizing trend in Brazilian football. Dunga’s philosophy was to build his team on strength and defensive ability, rather than upon footballing flair and creativity. The result was a Brazil which was as dull as ditchwater to behold. This year’s Brazilian team was an insult to the great Brazilian teams of the past. The great Socrates called Dunga’s style “an offence to football”. It is time Brazil hired a coach who can release the creative essence of Brazilian football. Sure, the team needs to defend, but why pack the field with a bunch of mean-spirited oversize goons?  Dunga built a team in his own image, but a team of Dungas cannot win the World Cup.

Dunga blew it today and was already losing his cool five minutes into the match.  No wonder his team collapsed emotionally when they went down 2-1. Great teams do not lose their cool when the chips are down. Brazil panicked and started lashing out at Holland with reckless tackles. As soon as Holland scored their second, I predicted a Brazilian player would be sent off, and so it happened. It would have been better to have some players with intelligence and creativity rather than those thirsting for opponent’s blood.

Now that Dunga surely must go, perhaps the soul of Brazilian football can be brought back by a better manager.



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  1. Pehaps they should go the Argentinian route…obviously Maradon is a proponent of “football” and proved the merit of unleasing the flair and creativity…look how well that worked against that boring european football of Germany!

    Dunga’s only fault was arogance…he built a disciplined team capable of beating anyone…unfortunately, Melo lost his head after the own goal

    • Maradona can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. He selected no fullbacks, and his defence was always going to fall apart when faced with a skilled, quick and constant attack. You can play both defence and offence (see Germany, for instance), and you can attack with verve and style; it doesn’t mean you should ignore your defence like Maradona did.

      • Well said, Brenton. Argentina was doing fine until they met with a real footballing force. Maradona was dreaming (and me with him), but the reality was they did not have the quality across the pitch to win the whole thing. Who can stop Germany now?

  2. What was most shocking about Brazil’s loss was their inability to change tactics mid-game. Remember how Uruguay played against South Korea? Attack, then defend when they were up a goal, then when the South Koreans levelled Uruguay changed back to attack. Brazil didn’t show, over the whole tournament, an ability to shift gears.

    • Again, well said. I was amazed how quickly Brazil lost their heads when they were down a goal with plenty of time left. I blame Dunga, who lost his temper after five minutes of the start of the game. This kind of loss of cool spreads to the players. Do you ever notice how Spain’s coach Del Bosque stays cool no matter what happens?

      • Yah, you couldn’t tell Spain had scored against Paraguay by looking at him.

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