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  1. I just read your blog for the last time. I can guarantee you others with feel similar to me. Your “Spurs” soapbox is getting old and trite, even if it is true. (Of course, their colours are different, and about 1,000,000 other teams in the world wear navy blue, but, you know, enjoy your blog or whatever. I think I can hear the crickets.

    • Never mind 1,000,000 wearing navy blue, it seems that half of the MLS away jerseys feature this cheap and boring colour. How the Whitecaps could come up with something so boring and ugly I do not know.

      • How is navy and sky any more or less boring than royal and sky? There is not really a ton of difference. (There is a difference, mind you, but not a lot of difference). And while I agree with you (from an earlier entry) that the colours are “cold” (your word, aptly chosen), and the jersey plain, it is precisely because I agree that the jersey is plain/boring that I cannot agree that it is ugly. Boring (at least in my mind) and ugly can’t refer to the same thing since the former implies a lack of emotional or aesthetic connection while the latter implies a strong emotional reaction (obviously, negative).

  2. See ya later, Jer. Oh, you forgot to close your parentheses.

    • My name is Jeremy.

      And here ya go:


      • Can I call you Jerry?

        You’re right, it’s not ugly, it’s just boring and carries little if any significance.

        Also, I just bought a red and black 86ers jersey at Sports Junkies, and it’s not pretty; good thing it was cheap.

  3. Dude,

    There hasn’t been a militant backlash (like in Portland) against the new logo and kits for one simple reason, the Whitecaps got it right (I agree that Portland did not!). Going around and attacking anyone that doesn’t agree with you is not helping your case either. Have you thought of talking to the front office at all? I can say with conviction that some of your asumptions are 100% wrong…

    Just drop the stones and let’s be happy OUR team is back in the big leagues next season, Vancouver Whitecaps FC til I die!



    • Thanks for your thoughts Morbs. Your approach is very thoughtful. I am trying to cheer up but I find the new uniforms to be so poor it is depressing.

    • Morbital nailed it.

  4. agreed, yeah the old jerseys are cool but the new ones are not that bad and they’re not gonna change them so get over it!

    • Thanks for the advice, but this one is hard to get over… If the best the Whitecaps could do is to make the new uniform “not that bad” then in my view they have failed miserably! Especially when they had a winner strip and look to work with. There are people in England who are marching proudly about in our old uniform from 1979. TOFFS sells them on their site. That is th eonly place I’ll be buying Whitecaps jerseys from from now on.

  5. Whatever the motivations, the ‘Caps have stumbled here and it’s unfortunate. I will not go as far as to blame Barber [I’m assuming the uniform process was more of a ‘too many cooks/focus groups’ affair than down to one or two men]. People forget that true supporters are not cheerleaders. Some ‘fans’ don’t get that. It is funny that the same dudes that like to fly the ’86er yellow in a tip of the hat to our roots, are the same ones that haven’t had a peep to say with this 100% new direction in the Whitecaps ‘brand’. As you say, it’s a bit strange, especially, when we have the interesting contrary reaction by a similar, though larger and better organized supporters group in PDX. I know I can’t buy these new uniforms, but I guess there will be more than enough plastic fans to do so. This MLS experience is going to be something boys….get ready to hold your nose!

    • Thanks Larry… Barber is the CEO and the buck stops with him! I am being facetious but it is at least ironic that our strip looks more like tottenham than the Whitecaps and two of the brass (Barber and part owner Nash) are life-long Tottenham fans.

      • It IS ironic that we have Tottenham blue with Barber as CEO! (I can’t believe you finally made a salient and rational point! Maybe there is hope for this blog yet!) It may well be that Nash (as a Spurs fan) had something to do with the colour change, but I doubt even that. I think that probably the colours and badge came down to adidas and “focus groups” (that nebulous demographic that seems to never please anyone – New Coke anyone?).

    • I am not a plastic fan — I have supported the Caps since they were the 86ers — and I will be buying the new gear. The top level Vancouver soccer team had the 1974, 1979, 1987, 199?, 2000, and now 2010 looks. Every single one of those changes brought about a change in badge and colours (except for 199? which was back to the red, white and black of 1974). The 2010 look is one more change in a long litany of changes. If the original, traditional look is what matters most, then ought we not to go back to the 1974 look? What makes the 1979 look better — the championship? We won more titles when we wore yellow, for crying out loud.

      • Jerry, lad, don’t forget the 86ers were, in fact a different team formed after the Caps went defunct in 1984. When they were ditched to bring back the Whitecaps, no one complained. Greg Kerfoot bought the Vancouver Whitecaps, not the Vancouver 86ers. Kerfoot did what all smart businessmen do: he bought a company which was a recognized brand which was undervalued at the time and had enormous growth potential. The 86ers brand never took off like the Whitecaps did (and will) and frankly, won’t see the light of day again because it had limited appeal.

  6. As mentioned, we’re not talking CSL here. The ’86ers were a different animal. Since the change from the ’74 red/white, the Whitecaps have always been white and a lighter, royal blue. Even though there have been alterations to the ball/wave logo, there has been consistency in keeping with the design tradition. “Snow caps” are not “white caps”, so this whole navy mountain scheme is bizarrely out of the blue. Ha ha ha. What can you do…I’ll just spend my money on Triple O’s instead.

  7. With respect to Morbital’s comment, I contacted Bob and told him that I was unhappy with what had been produced, telling him that the logo reminded me of the old saw that the camel was the result of a horse designed by a committee. He responded immediately, which I respected, and we agreed to disagree. Obviously we will get used to it, and the awful home jersey, but we don’t have to like what has been produced. For a long time fan, as Whitecapsfan says, it is somewhat depressing and not a little annoying to see what has occurred.

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