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  1. Sheesh! Get your facts straight!

    1. If you are going to blame someone for have Tottenham colours, blame Steve Nash since he is a lifelong Spurs fan; Barber came along WAY too late in the design process to have any effect on colour selection. (And Spurs don’t use light blue as trim they use yellow; and they have navy shorts; and they don’t have horizontal stripes.)

    2. The Eighty-Sixers of the A-League are the same club as Vancouver Whitecaps of the USL-1. Did the USL-1 Whitecaps celebrate their championships downtown with 100,000 fans? No they celebrated with the same fans that celebrated the 86ers championships, in the same stadium, with much of the same FO perssonel. Why don’t you understand this? You can easily get this information from wikipedia or from the club website.

    You’re blog has the potential for being cool, but this is bar far the worst post you have put up as it is smug and self-promotion, and just plain loose with the facts.

    Come on, I KNOW you can do better than this post. I am with you on the old badge and strip, but PLEASE don’t misrepresent the facts to try and prove your point. That is something reserved for American talk radio.

    • Thanks for your editorial comments Jeremy, which I appreciate. Its just I am so bloody mad! I disagree with you with respect to the History, which you have backwards: The Vancouver Whitecaps came first, and the team which built the legend was the 1974-1984 team. The 86ers were a different organization altogether, being formed completely independent of the Whitecaps. When Stadnyk bought the team, the Whitecaps were reborn. When Kerfoot took over, he bought the Vancouver Whitecaps, and it was clear his vision was greater than that of USL-1. What gave the Whitecaps the status as a brand was what occurred in the years from 1974-1984. In particular the 1979 team in its classic strip is what people in Vancouver remember. There was no protest to speak of when the 86ers were phased out, and it was near unanimous that soccer in Vancouver was about the Vancouver Whitecaps.

      • But using this logic, since the 2010 Whitecaps are also a COMPLETELY “DIFFERENT ORGANIZATION ALTOGETHER” and ought to have the same latitude that every other iteration of top-level soccer we have had in Vancouver. I like the wave badge, but it is not like it is the only badge we had; it is not the original badge (that’s the boring soccer ball one); it is not the badge we have won the most titles with (86ers original badge); it is not the same “organization” as the MLS 2010 team; nor is it the badge we have used the last decade (cartoony wave).

  2. i’m sorry but this is really getting sad.

    first you proclaim the glory of the new portland logo.. only to realize no one in portland felt the same. now you are lauding them for their zeal to protect their tradition. you can’t have it both ways.

    and your attack on the southside is equally irrational.

    your devotion to the club and history is admirable. your attacks are just sad.

    • What is sad is that no one cares about club history. There is a reason why the team is now called the Vancouver Whitecaps, and that is because of what the Whitecaps achieved back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I would expect any fan group worth its salt to at least know that.

      What is sad is that the CLub threw away a uniform which is classic and original in world football and people are not upset. I don’t care if I am a minority voice, that is just sad!

      I don’t think we will be seeing team Canada playing in purple anytime soon. If they did, there would be an outcry.
      Why is there no outcry concerning changing the Whitecaps colours? Because people do not understand the history.

  3. I fully agree that the new uniforms are very bland and lack any sort of inspiration.

    The 79-84 Whitecap is magical and it would have been fantastic to see a modern version. The Seattle Sounders did a fantastic job of taking an old brand and modernizing it. The Caps dropped the ball on this one. The bright Green is very visable in all of Seattle. Malls, downtown, youth soccer games among many places. The bland dark navy choice for an away kit was very cowardly and lacked any aesthetic ambition. The glorious royal blue is representative of Vancouver and not navy blue. A fun sky blue kit would have been very marketable. If you want to sell jerseys why not create something that stands out?

  4. It’s a balancing act maintaining ties to the past to keep old fans feeling a part of things and making a break with the past so people don’t associate you with a time of smaller crowds, names and ambitions.

    They kept the name but changed the look. I see the sense in that but I agree that the new look is nothing special.

    I grew up with and was, to a small degree, a part of that move from NASL to CSL. I don’t feel my memories are compromised by an ugly kit.

    • The Whitecaps should have done better than an ugly kit. If they only looked to their own history they could have developed a winner with a modernized version of the 1979 strip. I was really looking forward to what Adidas would do with the classic strip but what a disaster! I find it hard to believe there is not a revolt a la Portland.

      Thanks Gregor.

  5. hello world

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