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  1. those uniforms are sweet, I don’t actually mind the new ones but those are way better!

    • Way better is right. The team has really let us down with these awful uniforms. I won’t buy any of it.

  2. An interesting point is that as much as we love the blue bar jerseys, we didn’t start with them (we had to CHANGE our LOGO and our JERSEYS to get them in 1979), and when we went into the CSL we didn’t use them (yellow and blue), nor did we have them when we moved to A-League/USL. I like them too – a lot – but change happens, and the new logo is better than that shit Seattle and Portland (and LA and New England and Kansas City) are stuck with. Better simple, classic, and boring than new and crazy and gaudy. We can always switch back to the blue bar in a couple years. Until then, like every other colour scheme we have had, and every other logo we have had I WILL support the team in the stands and at the merchandise counter. =)

    • We didn’t use them in the USL because they were not the Whitecaps, but a wholly different team: the Vancouver 86ers.

      • …and they were a totally different team because the guy who held the “Whitecaps” name wouldn’t give it up….until 2001.

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