Brazil Terrible In Opener

June 15, 2010 at 11:17 pm | Posted in World Cup 2010 | 4 Comments

The tone for Brazil’s South African Campaign was set when Dunga was hired to be Brazil’s manager. Dunga was in the side that won the 1994 World Cup and lost the final of the 1998 World Cup final to France. When Brazil won the 1994 final Platini said to a Brazilian official “congratulations on winning the World Cup with the worst Brazilian team ever”. After going out early to the Argentinians in Italia ’90, Brazilian football officials decided to Europeanize their game to be more about discipline than beauty. This trend has continued in this World Cup.  Dunga is a strict disciplinarian who has taken part in the gradual killing of beautiful Brazilian football. Sadly, Brazilian football is now a myth. They were so boring today against North Korea I fell asleep during the match.

Today’s Brazilian side scored one goal on a complete fluke. Their second goal was a clinical pass and finish.  It was an awful display of football by Brazil. Their defensive frailties were laid bare when little North Korea scored a late goal. To only beat a minnow like North Korea 2-1 is a disgrace for Brazilian football. I don’t know how Dunga can look at himself in the mirror (although from what he was wearing today he may not actually look at himself in the mirror…).

Those of us who were looking for a colourful and masterful display of Brazilian football were disappointed today. Sadly, Brazilian football has been made generic to the point where it is really indistinguishable in style from that of other nations. What I found most disappointing was that Brazil played todays game as though they did not care. I hope they don’t get through to the second round.

I can’t believe this is the same country that produced so many wonderful football artists. Socrates, where are you? Please explain this to me!!!



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  1. The world has changed and the competition has improved. The Brazilian “stars” are very rich and could care less about the World Cup. Dunga did well in leaving them out. In 1994 some Brazilian Star players were doing girls in the parking lot, the night before the game. In France, they were partying… Dunga put a stop to the nonsense. Dunga will also take the 2010 cup home. Mark my words.
    Inácio (Brazilian-Canadian).

    • Dunga is killing Brazilian football and is symptomatic of the decline of Brazilian football. The Europeanizers, led by Dunga have taken the Magic out of the Brazillian game. Socrates, a true Brazilian football genius called Dunga’s Brazil “an affront to football”… I agree with him completely. With respect to partying, who cares? Whatever they were doing before or after the games Brazil won in 1994 (with a poor team I might add…).

  2. Anyone who doesn’t know of North Korea’s 1966 World Cup knows nothing of the International Game, old enough to remember or not. Brazil ain’t winning this World Cup, wishful thinking, I think it’s wide open with Spain being jilted in game I, totally open. I would recommend the documentary “The game of their lives” by the BBC on that North Korean team. That was no surprise at all what we saw. Expect North Korea to beat Portugal as revenge for ’66 and then it’s to Ivory Coast and most of us will want to see the African Team succeed…the announcer MacNaman on TV, member English ’98 team said Ivory Coast will be too strong physically. Maybe he knows what he’s talking about or maybe he’s giving a plug to Drogba and Sven who I’d like to see do real well too.

    • I am well aware of North Korea’s heroics in 1966. This team is NOT the 1966 team and will not progress beyond the opening round. No doubt the NKorean team is well drilled and disciplined, but the opening goal of Brazil proved they do not have the sophistication of the other teamss. Look for a poor Brazil to get into trouble with goal difference after both Portugal and Cote D’Ivoire hammer North Korea for many goals.

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