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  1. Meanwhile, the folks over at the PT Offside blog have nothing good to say about the revamped logo:


    The logo was met with derision at the downtown event with raucous boos rampant. Rather than honoring the history of the club, as was claimed in the admittedly strong advertising campaign, the new logo represents next to nothing except the desire to ‘modernize’ a perfectly acceptable crest. Additionally, the club added a Seattle-style neon green to the color scheme, guaranteeing that the diehard supporters will never come near the club store.

  2. HAHAHA I can’t believe it! Thanks for telling me Brenton. Can you imaging what the Timbers fans would do if they screwed the whole thing up like they did here? There would be more than boos… One thing you can say for Portland is they actually have some proper football fans.

  3. As soon as I read the first couple lines of this blog I almost fell over.

    First off, Portland did change their colours: just as we kept one shade of blue (the light) and changed another (royal switched to navy), Portland kept the evergreen and switched their yellow to moss green, and the Portland faithful hate it. They are referring to the new colour as “lime green,” “piss green,” and (worst of all) “Seattle Sounders green.” So in this sense, I think that Vancouver did better than Portland. At least we didn’t adopt a colour that belongs to one of our most hated rivals.

    Second, the logo. You say it is good, but that is a matter of opinion. 99% of Timbers supporters hate the new logo and say it in now way represents the history of the team. At the unveiling they chanted, “That’s such shit it’s unbelieveable,” and later chanted “You fucked up!” They were “consulted” on the process (as you say) but that was limited to mentioning what about the crest was important to them. They had zero input into the final logo and were completely broadsided but what they are calling a “minor league” logo.

    Now you may prefer the new Timbers to the new Whitecaps, but you know what is funny? Every single Timber supporter thinks Vancouver did better on colours and jersey than they did. If you don’t believe me, hop over to soccercityusa.com and check it out for yourself.

    Also interesting, despite the fact that we ditched our classic jersey and classic logo, our fans and supporters (chiefly talking about the Southsider and Canadian media) generally are receiving the complete change well, while the Portland supporters hate the tweaks.

    You are free to hate on the new logo (I too miss our tradition), but I don’t think Portland wins this round. I think we did better honestly. I know you aren’t happy about the changed (neither was I for the first 5 days), but you know what? Nearly every football team in England changed their colour, name, and badge in the first 30 years of their history too. Re-branding is not the end, and it is certainly no reason to stop supporting the club.

    They are my club: Vancouver till I die!


    • I’m not talking about not supporting the club, I am boycotting the strip because it is a betrayal of the club’s history. There is no doubt that teams have changed their strips and logos elsewhere, but they tend to do a “variation on a theme” rather than a wholesale change. We have completely forgotten our theme which is shameful. It shows a lack of pride in our club. The change to our strip is much more radical than the changes to the Portland strip. I applaud the Timbers fans for their dogged defence of their own history, which is much better than our own fans who seem completely willing to go along with the corporate sellout of our team.

  4. You call it a sell-out, others calls it an improvement. Since both are opinions, yours cannot be any more “correct” than they are. I am torn. I partially agree with you (for the reasons you have already covered), and part of me understands that to be (as Bobby said) “not just the best in BC, not just the best in Canada, not just the best in MLS, not just the best in North America, but one of the best clubs in the world” they felt that a new badge was needed that could be immediately identifiable internationally (and by extension, an icon that is internationally associated with the city of Vancouver) a badge that was classy and classic so that (with minor moderation from time to time) they would have a badge for the next 100 years. In this sense I think they succeeded. Further (and more importantly) the majority of fans and supporters seem to like to quite a bit. You are disappointed that others are not fighting to keep our old icon but the majority of people (majority of Vancouver fans, and other MLS fans) feel our new badge is one of the best in the league (getting rated around 3rd to 4th best), so they see it as an improvement.
    Just some things to think about.

    • Is there some voting, rating or polling site? Seems odd, but I bet they have pretty interesting numbers if they’re polling Vancouver fans? Do they contact them through season ticket sales info or something?

      • The broadest poll I have found (as well as being the most neutral poll I have found) is here: http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1459154
        The poll have 5 options: Vancouver best, Portland best, can’t compare, both good, both lousy. Vancouver best has 53% of the vote (in a five option poll, that is pretty amazing).

  5. Couldn’t disagree with you more on this one Bruce.

    • Elaboration, please. This has been a good place for thoughtful analysis and I appreciate the contributions people make on this site (i.e. no flaming).

  6. Oh, and to address your comment about how clubs who have changed their kits and badges early on only gave them “variation on the theme” is actually quite wrong. I have done a lot of reading on the history of badges and colours of the English club, and early on they made MAJOR name, colour, and badge changes. At least we kept the name, and only had our colours tweaked. The badge caugt me off-gaurd but it has grown on me. When compared to other diamond logos (mostly German, but also Fiorentina), it fares well. Heck, it even looks better than Inter Milan or Real Madrid.

    • The Great clubs always stick to their traditions. Look at AC and Inter Milan… When you have a classic uniform, why alter it?

      • But there is my point: AC Milan HAS changed their badge in the past, and Inter Milan has changed both their badge and their colours (thought they did start with and come back to the black and blue stripes). It is difficult to find ANY team in Europe that has not changed their badge, logo, and colours at some point. Sometimes they keep the new look, sometimes they revert to the old, sometimes they go on to an even newer “brand.” All that to say that things change sometimes, and we here in this forum clearly don’t like the change much. But it will change again in all likelihood, and until it does, this is the Whitecaps crest, colours, and kit and I will wear it proudly (even if I do think it is boring and I miss the blue bar and I hate all-white kits). ONWARD TO SILVERWARE YOU CAPS! =)

      • If you look at TOFFS (the old fashioned football shirt) you can see a great history of former jerseys. No doubt Milan and other clubs have changed over the years but usually save radical changes for away and 3rd strips. You will see the great clubs keep their logo and look predominantly the same.

  7. The new logo is awful. More suited to a bottled water company. The jersey? Well I had a sports shirt 25 years ago almost exactly like the new Caps jersey and it looked as much like a soccer shirt as the new home shirt. Get used to it? Certainly. Like it? No.

    • The “sports shirt” observation is at least as applicable to the Whitecaps blue bar design, as bars across the chest has always been popular on polo shirts, etc. It doesn’t matter to me if polo shirts have used a particular design so much as whether the design is good. The new new shirt is good; the old old shirt was very good. The all-white kits (in my opinion) are not good whether the jersey is blue bar, or navy banding.

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