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  1. I think ‘cold’ is the right term. As someone said yesterday it reminds them of the logo for a bottled water company. ‘Arctic Springs’ or some such. Hardly a soccer themed approach. Ah well, let’s hope the quality of the soccer transcends that of the logo…

  2. Any logo with soccer ball is really cliche, I think new logo is awesome, looks more professional.

  3. Remember that this colour scheme is used (perhaps most famously in North America) by the University of North Carolina Tar Heels (also by the Tennessee Titans), hardly a cold climate. Our colours have always been close to these new colours anyways. I personally like the colours (though I was hoping for light blue and gold myself).

    I think the coldness comes from the geometric pattern, and there we are in agreement…sort of. I personally feel it is a great idea for a logo: it is original, a unique outlines for a badge, but uses diamonds (not uncommon in German and some Italian clubs), and has a timelessness to it. But I agree that it lacks organicness. I think that it just needs one more small element to make it great. Maybe a 7-pointed star above “Vancouver” to represent our 7 championships prior to MLS. Or maybe a small white bear or small white orca in place of “Vancouver”. By ONLY being geometric, it lacks the character you are talking about. But I think it is very closer to being a truly great crest. And there is no reason to think that 5 years from now, they couldn’t make one very small tweak to the crest like we are talking about without messing up this new “brand” they are so proud to trot out.

  4. I like the colors, but can’t stand the logo. Three diamonds, and it’s supposed to have this deeper meaning of mountains, oceans, etc., but really, is just a bunch of marketing blather. This is what happens when you leave design decisions to corporate types who have no experience or understanding of art and design.

    I’d much rather they contracted some talented artists out of Emily Carr University and picked the best design amongst them, rather than hiring a single graphic designer to give form to the bad ideas of someone in marketing. This, ironically is coming from a marketing professional myself, but I can tell you that most bad ideas originate in the boardroom from people who have never learned about typography, balance, etc. It frustrates me because it’s another lost opportunity, and the umpteenth Vancouver brand to play on the mountains, albeit in a very cold, simplistic, boring way. And don’t get me started on that font…

    All in all, a major disappointment. In a city with so much creative talent, it’s another example of a corporation that has no idea how to leverage it.

  5. To me, great sports teams are rooted in tradition. When you think Yankees, Canadiens, Packers, Celtics etc., you think winning, great players, classic uniforms. Sadly the ‘Caps stewards decided to flush their proud history & winning tradition in favour of a sterile, corporate looking logo. A three triangle design, that appears to be stolen from Charlie Browns shirt, representing “whitecapped” mountains & their reflection in the water forming a V & W, that say neither soccer nor Vancouver to me & would look more at home on a hotel on Whistler.

    Congrats Whitecaps! you’ve been admitted into Vancouvers sad history of bad logos.

  6. […] Whitecapsfan blog makes much the same point about the coldness of the logo and its departure from the club’s past identity: The City of […]

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