Whitecaps Fizzle Out of Canadian Championship

June 3, 2010 at 4:07 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 3 Comments

Thanks to Marcus Haber’s indiscretion, the Whitecaps Canadian Championship ended on yet another dull note tonight in Toronto with a 0-0 draw.  We finished with four draws in the tournament, and only two goals.  Haber was sent off in the first half after he made a poor first touch on the ball and dove in after it with his studs in the air, gouging a TFC player.  He did it right in front of the referee.  Down to ten men in TFC’s park, the Whitecaps were in tough from that point on.

I must say, I am a bit concerned that rookies who start off well for the Whitecaps seem to suffer the blues the next season. Ethan Gage for instance, started off as a rookie in the playoffs in 2008 and played a few absolute blinders through the final. He hasn’t played well since. Haber played very well last year and went to England, passing through English clubs West Brom and Exeter.  West Brom want him back next season, but it is hard to say why because after loads of minutes with the Whitecaps this year we have only one goal to show from him, and that was on a penalty kick.

Edwini Bonsu is another mystery to me.  He has been on the squad for two years and has no problem scoring goals for the reserve team, but he seems to struggle in the first team.  For all of the minutes he has played with the first team he has only one goal to his credit. Tonight Eddie B came on late and had gotten himself in a very dangerous position in TFC’s box only to dribble himself out of danger to TFC’s benefit when a simple ball to three onrushing Whitecaps would have won us the game late on.    Basic football smarts seem to be missing.

Phillipe Davies managed to transform a golden opportunity for himself early on into a very difficult chance for a teammate who failed to score.   He had all the room in the world to go in and score himself and instead chose to pass.  The professional game is about acting ruthlessly and with courage, but Davies simply was too scared to miss to actually go in and score.  Is it any wonder we are stuck in a rut?

Thus far our residency program has produced players who are just able to keep up with the game, but not yet able to excel in it.

The only player who I feel is pulling his weight is Luca Bellisomo, who has played very well this year.  He has turned into a very solid defensive footballer, and has grown and matured as a player.   He is not spectacular, but does a crucial job very well. His ability to read the game and break up opposition attacks is one of the key reasons we are not letting in goals.

Last year our problem was defence and this year it is goals.  We can’t score to save our lives. It is not all the fault of our strikers, however, because our approach play is too predictable and easy to defend against. Quality crosses and good passes in the final third of the field are very rare indeed. The Whitecaps don’t seem to be any easy answers to this conundrum.

Bellisomo aside, the way the team is playing, I would not blame the Whitecaps for clearing out all playing staff and starting from scratch. The players are playing below themselves, and the team is poor.   I feel sorry for poor Teitur Thordarson and Colin Miller.  Teitur has taken us to two finals in two years in charge, but this season we simply have failed to build on this success and have gone backwards…

We can only console ourselves knowing Montreal is playing worse than us!  At least we can be proud of our team in that we actually try to win.



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  1. Haber hasn’t earned his pay with the Whitecaps and the rest of the team have displayed only the occasional flash of brilliance, sort of. I am growing concerned that perhaps we have a coaching problem? Is Teitur the man to lead this team into MLS with any hope of success, can the club afford to wait any longer for something to develop. If I was Bob Lenarduzzi right now I’d be a worried man.

  2. Getting rid of Gbeke doesn’t look like such a good idea now.

  3. A fair observation of this season so far ! Gbeke complimented Haber, Marcus is running around in circles right now. No confidence ,no support from other forwards A bonehead foul , he should be suspended by the Caps being so stupid for a game or 2. Let him go back to England , and maybe they can teach him also to play and schoot balls with left foot as well…..a must..
    for a soccer player on higher levels , other then in Canada maybe.
    Bobby does not have to worry. He known what Sigi did in Seattle. Bobby’s choice ,Tom Soehn will do fine. He knows the MLS.Via the draft he will put
    a team together ,that will be succesfull, together with 1 or 2 direct non draft players, The new CEO ,and Steve Nash have all the contacts. No fear for Vancouver fans. No need to replace Teiter at this time. Colin Miller will be there as an assistant for sure . Our season might fizzle away in the USL , as it did with Seattle in their last season. There will be 5 -7 players on the list of 26 contract players for the MLS. Good for the lucky ones . But I have seen only 4 clear candidates.
    Next season is going to be a blast ! Party time .
    Hopefully , it will be an attacking team (4-4-3). The 4-4-2 is boooo…ring.
    In away matches I can understand, but at home it has to be entertaining.
    Teiter plays boring soccer , scared , long balls to forwards etc.
    We do not need this style. Dare to be different at home. Best sample’
    Barcelona , Ajax , I do not to say any more..Holland national team of course
    always entertaining, that’s what soccer has to be.

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