Whitecaps Out of Canadian Championship

May 27, 2010 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2010 | 3 Comments

A 1-1 draw with the Montreal Impact ensured the Vancouver Whitecaps remain the only Canadian team never to win the right to represent Canada in the CONCACAF Champions League.  With one game remaining to play, even a victory against Toronto FC will not allow us to win the Canadian Championship.  Two draws against arch rival Montreal saw to that.

This evening’s draw against the Impact was an evenly fought match in which the Whitecaps lack of experience and touch was exposed.  The Caps were looking good for a win when Toure scored soon after the half, but the impact managed to draw level on a fantastic half-volley by Billy.

Teitur rolled the dice by bringing on youth Doudou  Toure, who played his first match for the Caps at the tender age of 18. Toure made some great runs and some spectacular plays but his lack of touch let the team down when he skied a point blank header over the bar from six yards off of a deadly Sanchez corner kick.  Then he over-struck a cross on a counter attack on the last play of the game with three or four of our players waiting to nod in any kind of adequate cross, had it been delivered. Other subs ( D Toure Hirano and Sanchez came on for  Moose, A Toure and Knight) took away the Rhythm of the Whitecaps and handed Montreal the momentum for a while while the Caps tried to adjust.  By the time they figured it out, it was too late.

I am really impressed by Stewart, a young player who looks very useful indeed.  He makes intelligent, quick runs and does not waste the ball, as a number of our players tend to do (Janicki in particular wasted possession of the ball at least four times in the second half and was caught flat footed on Montreal’s equalizer).  Stewart scored his first against Rochester the other night and looks good to score more.

One has to wonder at what has happened to Haber.  If he can’t score goals in this league, how will he get on at West Brom?  To my recollection he has only one goal for all of his starts this year, and that from a penalty kick.

If the truth be told, this was either team’s game and only some spectacular and brave saves by Nolly saved our bacon.  Montreal did their typical stuff at the end of the game by trying to go for a tie rather than win the game.  I can only guess at what is going on in the mind of that club and its coach.  They were out of the tournament, playing at home with nothing to lose, and their goal is to preserve a 1-1 tie by killing time by the corner flag.  You would think they would try to win the game in front of their fans.  And I thought Montreal had regained their honour!  Clearly not.     If I were an Impact fan I would be outraged by this behaviour.

All grievances aside, we were not good enough to win.  We will have to wait another year for CONCACAF Champions League glory.



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  1. The kid Toure impressed me as did Sanchez kicks.
    Montreal is still a notch above technically even with 5-6 players being rested. We look like a typical british team when the teams meet.

    The corner flag thing?
    Suck it up.
    Score when you have too and dont whine when you dont.
    1min left and you do what you have to.
    Id rather control the ball and play keep away because this way can lead to injuries, fights and you are better off just kicking off the defencemen to get a corner kick.
    Btw, you use a meaningless game as a stepping stone if you tie, losing even a meaningless game in the 89th min can have some side effects.
    Stick to blogging, not coaching.

    Toure gave a nice lift but old Man Sebrango impressed me playing the whole game and I wouldnt mind having him coming off our bench and starting once in a while. Still got some legs left.

    I honestly dont care really. This is a BS competition thats an embarassment. We are the only country on the planet (that istn a banana republic) that has no league. But we reeeeeeeally want to get in the CL so we created this dinky tournament so we can ‘qualify’ through the back door. Sorry, no league, no champions league.
    FIFA allows this here because were the special ed kid that everyone pats on the head and smiles when they poop their pants.

    One day we will be a real soccer country like Iceland and have our own league. Then one day our best players will play at better teams than Iceland national team players do right now. Until then, we will do something no other country inthe world does: succeed internationally with no league of our own.

    Last years loss in the Finals really hurt.
    Yesterdays will be forgotten by 17h00 today.
    16h30 if we leave early from work to drink.

  2. Raoul, you sound like you’re not following your own advice when you suggest coaching ideas to counter the complaint about time wasting. Stick to commenting, not coaching.

    For the record, I agree. Montreal wasted time in Vancouver in the first half, and again in Montreal. Their coach says he wants to play exciting, attacking football to entertain the fans. It’s not obvious to me how playing to waste time is either exciting, attacking or entertaining.

  3. Hi

    The whole point of following sports is to be a sideline coach sometimes so both of you should not hesitate its entertaining.

    Long and short of it Santos knows he has to play us all year and is screwing with our heads. It worked last year in 2009 where we got so worked up about the CL that i believe it polluted our play against them.

    They are doing the same thing again – make us bitter, throw us off our game. It worked in 2009 i hope we do not let it mess us up in 2010.


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