Traveling Into the Heart Of Enemy Territory

May 27, 2010 at 5:08 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010, Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium | 1 Comment

I am afraid travel has taken me away from  three Whitecaps games.  I missed the matches against Montreal, Toronto and Rochester.  I am not too upset because two of them were 0-0 draws.  I did miss what I hope is a breakout match for the Caps, a 2-0 win against Rochester. I certainly was disappointed to miss the TFC match… Frankly that is my favourite fixture all year.

I travelled to Toronto and Montreal and got a look at the stadium sites for both cities from the air.  It made me reflect on how far Canadian soccer has come in the last 5 years or so, and the future looks bright. All we need here in Vancouver is a soccer specific stadium, which we will have to be patient for. While Montreal and Toronto will toil away in soccer specific stadia with grass surfaces, we will be on fieldturf in a generic stadium. Still, we can’t complain, it will have to do for now.

TFC stuff was everywhere on view in Toronto, but in Montreal you could be forgiven for thinking the Impact did not exist.  I saw more gear on sale for the defunct baseball franchise, the Montreal Expos, (I bought myself an Expos cap!) than I did for the Montreal Impact. With the coming of MLS however, I am sure this will change. Yes, Canadian footy has come a long way and promises to go much further.

The ironic thing about my trip was that after missing three home matches, who did I see walking through the airport in Montreal while I waited for my flight home to Vancouver? Teitur and the Vancouver Whitecaps themselves, walking by as if to mock me for missing so many games.

Sorry, lads, I’ll try not to do it again!!!


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  1. The Rochester match was a corker. Domination, shots, two good goals. The TFC match was good but a bit dismal. I think TFC had one shot on net from two chances. They’ve done enough to qualify, but they aren’t exactly convincing.

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