Whitecaps Terrible Against Baltimore

May 9, 2010 at 6:15 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2010 | 4 Comments

Tonight new team Crystal Palace Baltimore visited Vancouver.   Baltimore has been playing one level below USL-1 for the past couple of years and now have moved up a league to play in the USSF division 2 (NASL Conference – don’t try to figure it out!). Going to the match, I had thought it might be  blow out as Baltimore has struggled up to this point and sat at the bottom of the NASL conference.  How wrong I was.  It was a boring 0-0 draw.  Baltimore played just as well as the Whitecaps, and even got a couple of late game corners with which they could have sunk our boat.

The Whitecaps were terrible tonight.  They rarely put more than a few passes together, and struggled to play as a team.  They played like 11 individuals who did not quite know what they were doing in the middle of such a beautiful park.  Those who see Martin Nash as a liability will have to re-think, because his leadership was sorely missing.  Our team had no rhythm and no cohesion.  It was terrible to watch, and manager Teitur must be feeling quite perplexed as to why a team that looks so solid on paper looks so awful on the pitch.

There is a real lack of finesse in the squad, and it appears we have opted for athleticism rather than skill.  Our defensive record is great, but we are very poor going forward in attack.  Steele had his second start in midfield and again disappointed. He was replaced by Sanchez in midway through the second half and Sanchez looked a bit better with the ball.  Perhaps it is time to give him a start.  Bellisomo grievously wasted the ball with a number of errant passes. Knight and Moose played on the midfield flanks and both players, who have been so good the last couple of years, disappointed.  They both did a disappearing act and had very little influence on the game.

Edwini Bonsu got the start up front with Haber, but one wonders why the Whitecaps keep him around because he never looked remotely close to scoring tonight.  He also has the tendency to waste the ball.  I suppose both he and Haber could complain they did not receive any quality service up front at all from the midfield.   Most of our approach play went down the middle and we got precious few crosses in tonight.  If you don’t get crosses in, goals have to go through the middle, and to go through the middle you need some flair players in midfield or upfront,  which we just don’t have.   I think we need to put Knight and Hirano back to full back and get them to do some overlapping runs because Zourab T and Williams don’t seem to be able to get forward to get crosses in.  Williams and Zourab T are both fine defenders, but seem to have no clue how to go forward along the flanks.

Overall the Whitecaps are looking like they did during the most boring days of Bob Lilley’s reign.  Defensively, they are solid, but the football is barely palatable.   It made me think “Jason Jordan, Eddie Sebrango, where are you?”.  I am not sure if there is trouble in the dressing room because morale and team spirit looked very low.

We have plenty of fine athletes, but we are lacking footballers.



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  1. Were you watching the same game? Firstly, Bellisomo was not replaced by Sanchez, Steele was. He also had the best chance of the game when he hit the post on the header. I think he was one of the best men on the pitch the entire game, and one of the few who managed to string a few passes together before Sanchez came on. Which game were you watching?

    • Well, I was watching the game, and to me it matters not who replaced who, but this was the worst game that I have seen the Whitecaps play in several years. Lord knows how we expect to compete in MLS playing like that. Very little vision, and as Whitecaps fan says, very little footballing skill. This season has been a great disappointment so far. Let us hope it changes soon, and the players at least look somewhat interested in playing the games.


    • Whoops, that what happens when you edit your own writing. Corrected…

    • Steele has been crap so far, Lets hope Nash gets back soon.

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