Sportsnet Screws Up Again With Champs League

April 22, 2010 at 4:58 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps | 5 Comments

On Tuesday I managed to discreetly make my way into the meeting room at work where we have a TV to see a bit of the Inter Barca semi-final first leg in Milan.   I turned on the tele and instead saw…billiards.    Again, I feel sorry for Craig Forrest and Gerry Dobson, two great soccer guys who do soccer on Sportsnet.  One of the best matches of the 2009-2010 season missed for…billiards. It gives me the same sinking feeling as when we used to get pre-empted by curling on TSN.

Sportsnet did show the lesser of the two matches when they showed the Bayern Munich-Lyon semi final first leg today. They did the same thing a few weeks ago when they showed Bordeaux v Lyon instead of the infinitely more exciting Manchester United-Bayern Munich match.    Sportsnet seems dedicated to showing the least exciting fixture possible on any particular match day. What a bizarre policy.

What on earth is going on here?  When TSN had the Champions league some matches in earlier rounds were preempted, but I can’t recall missing a semi-final match.  One can only shake one’s head in despair.



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  1. Meh. European football is overrated. The Liberators Cup is better

  2. Setanta Sports and Sportsnet have joint rights now to the Champions League (began this year, don’t know how long a contract it is) and Setanta has first dibs on which matches they will show, thus the Inter-Barca matches on Setanta and Bayern-Lyon matches on Sportsnet. I’m concerned as to whether or not Sportsnet will be allowed to show the final, or if it will be just on Setanta.

  3. You all are Canadians, the television running 3 NHL playoff games a night should make you all a happy bunch.

  4. I work in the industry and this is what happens with the coverage. Sportsnet gets first decision (dibs) on what game they want to play. Each carrier get to play one of the 2 legs. Sportsnet chooses to play the Bayern v Lyon match for the 1st leg so they can play Barca v Inter in the 2nd leg hoping for the potential of a close entertaining affair.

    The final match is going to be broadcast on Sportsnet. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Setanta also plays the final. The problem I foresee happening is Sportsnet deciding that instead of the entire network getting the game, they will only broadcast it on West, or East, etc. So those without the multiple Sportsnet channels will be screwed. Right now it is scheduled for the whole network.

  5. Thanks Tommy, for shedding some light on the whole sorry affair…

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