I Don’t Blame Adebayor For Quitting

April 15, 2010 at 12:31 am | Posted in General Football | 1 Comment

Recently Manchester City striker Adebayor announced his retirement from international football.  He will no longer play for his country Togo.  While this announcement is a tragedy for Togo and international football, I can understand the decision he took.  Aside from the possibility  he has been pressured to do so by City (Club teams hate international football!) I can well imagine why he took this decision.

His retirement is an indictment of the CAF, (the Confederation of African Footballing Nations) and of Togo’s own footballing authorities.  The CAF gave the 2010 African Nations Cup to Angola.  Angola decided to host one of the groups in Cabinda, one of the areas of Angola which has suffered from unrest and a guerilla movement which had supposedly been put down.  Uganda advised the group members to fly their teams in to the site, which was a foreshadowing of what was to come. Togo’s footballing authorities decided not to heed this advice and decided to bus their team in from a training camp just over the border.   The bus was attacked by guerillas.   Several members of the Togo camp were shot and killed and several more were injured.

Togo withdrew from the tournament, which, in my view was very understandable.  The CAF then added insult to injury and penalized them for withdrawing by banning them from a number of future African Nations Cups.  Who wouldn’t quit when faced with this unbelievable and outrageous set of circumstances?

The whole incident demonstrated the lack of leadership and organization of Africa’s footballing authorities, especially the CAF.  So much footballing talent comes from Africa, yet the organization lets it down.  While I applaud the CAF for using the African Nations Cup to help developing countries, the least it could do is make player security a priority.

Lets hope South Africa shows the way for the future for African Football in the 2010 World Cup.   Organizational and leadership skills are much needed in African football.

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  1. Hard to find but the Togo Jersey or Shirt for the African Cup of Nations but it looked very handsome in a bright lime green, almost fluorescent, not a yellow or green as in some past games.

    A lot of Ghana’s success in international play has a lot to do with it being a relatively stable country as compared to some others. Perhaps Ghana or Ivory Coast or another African country can deal out ace performances at this world cup so everyone can say, wow, African football!

    And those people that suspended Togo from two African Cups should really reconsider their positions and let’s hope for a safe World Cup.

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