Wesley Charles Dropped

April 10, 2010 at 4:19 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | 2 Comments

It is a bit of a sad day because one of my favourites has not made the Whitecaps squad for 2010.   I loved to watch Wesley Charles play for the Whitecaps.  He is a big, strong, intelligent player who made it possible for us to win the Championship in 2008.    While he carried a bit too much weight his ability to read the game and to time his tackles made up for it.   The Whitecaps preferred some new younger French bloke instead of Wesley.  I suppose they are going for youth and potential for the MLS in the future. While Wesley is still quality, he is perhaps getting a bit old (in football terms!) to be a prospect for MLS play.  I am sure the decision was difficult for the Whitecaps brass because Wesley was very popular with everyone at the Whitecaps.

I am sure Wesley will find a place with another team in the league, because he still has a lot to offer.   Wesley wore his heart on his sleeve and had a difficult season last year in part due to the tragedy of losing a young child.    He was dropped from the squad after clashes with teammates in practice and most notably, in a game with our own striker Charles Gbeke.

We can only thank him for his time at the Whitecaps and for being a great player to watch.   And thanks for bringing us the 2008 championship, Wesley.   All the best of luck to him in the future.


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  1. Too bad. For years I watched Melvin Tarley of Liberia play for the Thunder and he lit up the field, saw them play the Impact once in a great game. I’d look at him and think this guy is so talented and he got a trial in the MLS and spent some time with Real Salt Lake but it did not pan out and went back to the Thunder.

    For expansion teams, amazingly, this is off topic, Philadelphia Union won their first game today, rather remarkable really.

    I hope Wesley Charles finds another team, it’s like your other post on the Champions League, sometimes the MLS does poorly in it but a team like the Impact will carry on. It’s a bit like the US Open Cup where some of the old USL teams would knock out some MLS teams, it makes one wonder really what is going on.

  2. We’ll miss his reliability, something we were sorely lacking last year. He was a favourite, so dominant at the back.

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