Fulham Cheers Me Up

April 9, 2010 at 4:40 am | Posted in General Football | 3 Comments

After the failure of any English teams to get past the quarter finals of the Champions League I have been heartened to see two English clubs have made the semi-finals of the newly branded Europa League (formerly the Fairs Cup and the UEFA Cup). Both Liverpool and Fulham have made it to the semi-finals.  Liverpool will face Atletico Madrid in what will be a cracker of a series, and Fulham will play Hamburg for the right to go to the Final in Hamburg.

Liverpool look to me the favourite to win it all. Even though they have had a dreadful season they surely will get one thing right this year.  I think it will be Benitez’ last chance to win a trophy with Liverpool because I don’t believe he will be back next year.  While they have won a couple of cups, the English Premier League title has eluded them for too long.  Mourinho, where are you?   He is the only one, the “special one” who can sort Liverpool out.

As for Fulham, these kinds of opportunities do not present themselves very often to such a small club.  Roy Hodgson deserves all credit for performing miracles with them.   Fulham should just go out and enjoy themselves because they are the long shot of the four semi-finalists. Fulham will be under no pressure to win whereas Hamburg will be under heavy  pressure to win to play in the final at their own ground.   Wouldn’t it be great if Fulham won it all?  I always support the underdog, so I will support Fulham to win.  I will also be happy to see Liverpool win if Fulham just can’t have it.



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  1. For the record, Atletico Madrid are Torres’ old team so these games versus Liverpool will be interesting.

    And Hamburg has Ruud Van Nistelrooy who has had a number of big goals for them who will play Fulham.

    A good pair of matches. Benitez apparently has been faulty with Liverpool but if they are able to win this competition, who knows? They’d almost need to get Mourinho or some other high profile manager. There don’t seem to be that many viable candidates. I’m not convinced Benitez will be walking myself but it’d be great to see that team return to the higher echelon, that said, I think getting up to 4th in the Premier League is improbable this season.

  2. And on a less Anglophilic note: I hope Liverpool fall to Atletico and Benitez is finally forced out. He’s managed that team into the ground (if barely out of the top four can be considered the ground) lately. I don’t think it would be great to see them return anywhere. Like Newcastle, they probably need a good dose of humility.

    And you want an underdog? Try Atletico, who are in the midst of rescuing what looked like a disastrous season, and finally moving up in the league. Perennial underachievers, this is their big chance at silverware, and I think their long-suffering fans deserve it. If Fulham make it past Hamburg they’ve got my support, but I really hope Atletico take Liverpool down a notch.

  3. We’ll see how the Benitez saga plays out, Pepe Reina has just signed a contract extension. Liverpool has been seen by many as the Spanish connection team in the Premier League. It sounds like Benitez has messed up his tactics and I’ve thought for a long time, he let some good players go, Crouch and Keane for an example and thus, Torres and Gerrard have carried that team. However, last season, they were winning over most of the other top teams and it was their draws to the lower teams that cost them the title. Even people have called for Ferguson’s position after their loss this week, admittedly, the most fickle fans. Still, it took Ferguson a long time to get Manchester United playing as well as they have. Wenger and even newcomer Ancelotti have certainly had their detractors this year.

    Back to Fulham, I saw someone write they were the last London team to win a European trophy and from wikipedia they won the 2002 Inter Toto Cup.

    Atletico and Athletic Bilbao tend to be my favourite Spanish clubs and Martin Jol took Hamburg and made them a viable force in the Bundesliga. Jol has since left to Ajax or one of the other top Dutch teams. So, basically, these games for me are just fun and I respect them all.

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