Sportsnet Needs to Step Up!

March 20, 2010 at 4:45 am | Posted in General Football | 9 Comments

For those cheapos  like me who refuse to pay for Gol TV, Fox or Setanta, the pickings can be quite slim in terms of televised footy.  In addition to feeling sorry for myself, I feel a bit sorry for Jerry Dobson and Craig Forrest who have to follow yet another boring match before their show tomorrow: Everton v Bolton.   In terms of Premiership footy, this is a second tier team verses a third tier team.

My understanding of the situation is that Sportsnet gets fourth pick of the Premiership games.  To be fair, there are not really a lot of very attractive fixtures tomorrow.  The best is Arsenal v West Ham, then there is the Birmingham derby between Wolves and Aston Villa.  Stoke v Tottenham looks good to.  None of them is available on Sportsnet.  It is time for Sportsnet to S or get off the pot. They need to make a better deal to get better games.  The matches they have been showing are largely unattractive fixtures.

To add to the misery, the Score is not showing Sunday games because of American College basketball.   Perhaps I had better open up my wallet after all…


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  1. Oh waaa…waaa.waaa…GolTV and Fox Sportworld cost $3 TOGETHER, for gosh sakes! And yes…Setanta costs $16 a month, but you get pretty much EVERYTHING!

    I know a good cable guy…get yourself hooked up!

  2. i used to watch a full game on sportsnet. now I get bored by half time and go do somthing else.

  3. Something that I did not know was that ESPN or ESPN2 is broadcasting a number of games, often early on Saturday, probably even 4:30 AM Pacific time, Premier League games and they have also been broadcasting some Spanish League games (anyone else? I don’t know), I saw Ronaldo playing one Sunday afternoon. I would not have known this if I did not accidentally find out about this so I guess you don’t have ESPN either?

    I don’t select our satellite and I did not get our cable previously but now we have Fox Soccer on Dish TV, they could not work out a deal with Gol TV who are not on it and there are sportsbars here that shows Setanta, I’ve caught a few if it is important. Now, there is a Fox Soccer Plus channel, they’re always trying to get extra. I’d like to watch the French and German leagues some and they are on the other networks but my life doesn’t revolve around tv, it’d be nice to see ever so often though. Fox too has been decent for USL games, usually Friday nights.

  4. Or go to a good pub or coffee shop. I know it doesn’t work for the early morning games, and at times it’s too pricey (breakfast and/or drinks), and sometimes you just want to stay at home, but I have really been enjoying Saturday or Sunday mornings at the Three Lions, where they’ll even delay the 8am Sunday game by an hour so it starts when they open.

  5. I dont know why folks complain about soccer on tv in Canada… If you check out what sites like have on saturday sunday you would be like a giddy school girl at a hair salon. As for Everton being second tier my fried your comment shows your living a shelterd life as Untied or Chelsea fan.

    • Everton is a second tier club. As a fan of a third (verging on fourth) tier team, (West Ham United) I am definitely not living a sheltered life!!! If you think Everton is a first tier team YOU are the one living a sheltered life. A first tier team in the Premiership is one which has a chance of qualifying for a Champions league spot. Everton have a hope of challenging for the Europa League, but the champs league is out of the question!

  6. I won’t delve into the statements above; but I will say this, first tier doesn’t necessarily equate for me into ‘most entertaining.’ Yesterday was basically a relegation battle between West Ham and Wolverhampton which though I did not see, I can appreciate the game’s importance and now about 7 games left for these teams. I almost like the Premier League too much, I can appreciate watching a game in the pouring rain up in Lancashire somewhere, I can appreciate the relegation battles, I can appreciate teams lower than the top 4 who are producing clubs whose teams largely come from the islands, British and Irish players (see Birmingham), I can appreciate some coaches being able to keep a team other things being equal out of the relegation battle (see Sam Allardyce). Burnley has a Canadian player, Hull has an American, two teams in the cellar but still a good watch for me.

  7. Thanks for “your” defenition of second tier club … when you mentioned you support Hammers it brings it all into light. 😉

    • After 6 straight losses the joke is definitely on me!!!

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