Vancouver’s Olympic Games Show Power of Sport

February 28, 2010 at 4:54 am | Posted in General Football | 1 Comment

While I am a soccer fanatic who usually yawns at the prospect of watching almost every other sport, The Vancouver 2010 Olympics has turned me into an Olympics fanatic.   I have gone absolutely bonkers with watching things like short track speed skating, and yes, Women’s figure skating.   These Olympic games and the fantastic efforts of our athletes have filled me with a great  positive spirit, a kind of elation which surprises me.

In the first place, what a difference winning gold medals makes!   We have decided as a nation that winning actually counts.  In the two previous Olympic games we hosted, Montreal 1976 and Calgary 1988  we did not win gold at all.   Since we won the right to host the games in Vancouver we decided to make a change.  Now we are on the brink of setting an Olympic gold medal record, if our men’s hockey team wins.      While I am proud of all of our athletes golden or not, there is nothing like seeing one of our Canadian athletes take a gold medal.  And why not?  We have matured to the point where we can admit as Canadians that winning is not so crass after all.

It is a fantastic thing to see all of the young people of Canada of all backgrounds celebrating their country together in the streets of Vancouver.   Perhaps this is like Expo 67, the event in Montreal which gave Canadians a new sense of pride in their Canadian identity.  Something special is happening here and we will wait to see where this new Canadian enthusiasm will lead.  It feels transformative, that is for sure.   The power of sport is proving itself, beyond any question.

Those of us labouring away for the good of Canadian soccer can only hope that the new Canadian spirit of achievement rubs off on our game.  For too long we have accepted mediocrity in the world’s game.  It is time we injected some effort and energy into soccer so we can have a national program which has brought us as much pride as these Olympic Games have.


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  1. As I said before, I wonder when Canada is always one of the top ice hockey powers why it doesn’t have the manpower to up it’s game. I’m not sure what the current Fifa/Elo rankings are but I did not think it looked that bad for Canada. I think they said the Canada ice hockey team played a leisure game of soccer, kicked the ball around some. So who knows?

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