BC Premier Soccer League Plans Fail

February 21, 2010 at 11:35 pm | Posted in General Football | 11 Comments

I was sad to see today that plans for a BC Premier Soccer League involving Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley teams has failed due to the Vancouver Metro Soccer League  teams voting against the plan.   This is bad news for BC Soccer, and demonstrates how people let their own petty self-interest get in the way of the proper development of the game of football in Canada.   There is no question that better competition produces better footballers and better football. The BC Premier Soccer League would have raised the game in BC by creating a higher level of competition.  No doubt Vancouver Metro teams feared they would lose standing if the new league came into fruition.  Perhaps they feared competition.   The Metro Vancouver teams have obviously felt they don’t want to play outside of their pond and have chosen mediocrity rather than striving for something better for BC Soccer.   Shame on them.  Quality of competition and good organization is the key to moving football forward in our Province and in our Country.  The Vancouver Metro teams have chosen to go in the opposite direction.  They should revisit their decision for the good of the game in BC.

Here’s how it all shook down in this sad tale:



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  2. Do your homework before attributing blame in the manner you have done here.

    • Regs, seems the same story has been “researched” by several people outside the game and the same result has been published 4 times over.Time to take a step away from the game most want to see succeed and keep on typing……………..

      TTP FOOL

      • I’ve yet to read any “research” that contained an interview with any VMSL Premier club official.

        TTP FOOL?

        Where have you been the last 15 years promoting the senior game? Obviously you think you know who I am, why not put your name to your opinion?



      • Research does not involve contacting “Club Officials” or certain Pissers that belong to clubs.Contact would be made with the elected officials that represent the effected organizations (VMSL)

        Why would one think that would happen…………..
        You voted them in so they can represent you……..

        TTP Fool is kinda polite for the label i have used here, others have a far worse opinion of u…..

  3. Honestly I don’t understand what the whole uproar is about this. The VMSL, VISL and FVSL are amateur leagues, and in their own right have operated quite nicely without incident for several decades, coming together at year’s end to compete in Provincial Cup. (Not to mention their own cup competitions, all very distinguished in their own right with rich histories.)

    I just don’t see how the failure of the BCPL has any bearing on development of soccer in this country (or even the province for that matter). Again, these are amateur leagues, and the vast majority of the players participating, while certainly very good players, will not ever play for the national team moving forward.

    If we’re counting on our amateur men’s leagues to save Canadian soccer, then we are in desparate times. Seems again like the associations (BCSA and CSA) are willing to pass the buck for the failure to establish a true national professional circuit.

    I think the grassroots of our sport in this country pay more than their fair share into the pot – both in terms of hard cash and hard work – only to have it mismanaged by the bureaucracy that is the provincial and national associations.

    I am not a member of any of the three leagues, but I feel that the VMSL teams had every right to act in their own self interests. They owe nothing to the their own league, the other leagues, nor the BCSA. They are responsible to their club memberships and nobody else.

  4. I don’t know too many that have a poor opinion of Regs or TTP, unless you count the bureaucrats in their blazers who get called to task when they fail to act in the best interests of amateur clubs and players. TTP has proved an invaluable sounding board and has mobilized those involved in the amateur game to get involved in their own clubs and leagues.

    Frankly, we need more people like the rabid TTP’ers who will call the Whitecaps to task for their mismanagement of the game. People like you, who appear to think the sun shines out of the collective Whitecap backside, need to look at the state of soccer in BC, and its degradation since the Whitecaps annointed themselves the saviours of all things soccer at the beginning of the millennium.

  5. I’ll worry about other’s opinions of me when they wish to put a name to their points of view.

  6. Wow! If only people would put their energies towards improving the local game rather than the petty infighting we see above. Whether these leagues are amateur or not, there is no excuse for settling for a lower level of play. If Canadian football is to become excellent it must set excellence as its goal at all levels. How many solid English pros have been picked up from non-league football and become successful in the game at a high level? The attitude we should settle for second best because the game is not professional is endemic throughout the game in Canada.
    I am also amazed to see the hostility of the local amateur game towards the Whitecaps and 86ers. I had to laugh a few years ago when a fat guy smoking a cigarette who played in the VMSL told me he could play for the 86ers if he wanted to. Many local players felt they were to cool to be seen at a game. There always was a resentment towards the guys who actually shot for excellence and achieved it by playing at the highest level available locally.
    The Whitecaps are in the process of revolutionizing the development of players in this province and I hope in the process they will do a clear out of all of the BC Soccer bureaucracy through showing the way to develop excellent players. Even if these players do not play at the national or professional level, will they want to play in a substandard amateur league? Success by the Whitecaps will sweep all of the pettiness away. The BCPSL will succeed eventually.

  7. Substandard amateur league?

    Have you watched a VMSL game this year?

    The Whitecaps can revolutionalize soccer development all they want and good on them for doing so, but that has ZERO to do with an established MEN’S amateur league.

    I’m curious as to on what basis you can label the VMSL as a substandard league?

    • Canadian soccer standards need to be raised across the board. The development of players for both professional and amateur leagues needs to be raised. The distinction between professional and amateur is not a valid one because football is the same game at either level and my point is that making the game of football better at all levels should be the goal in Canada. Players going into the professional stream as opposed to the amateur stream will likely play together in the same developmental leagues. I don’t mean to say that VMSL is a poor league, but I am saying, like any human endeavour, a higher level of competition creates better quality, period. If institutions simply protect their own interests and do not open themselves to competition, they risk a decline in quality. If the best teams from each of the leagues formed a BC Premier League the level of play would be higher. This is not a question of amateur verses professional. The best players who are interested in playing at a higher level would migrate to the better teams in the new league and a higher level of competition would be created. Those who do not want this level or who don’t want to travel, could stay in a lower league.

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