Wolves Penalty is an Injustice

February 20, 2010 at 4:27 am | Posted in General Football | 3 Comments

The Premier League has penalized Wolverhampton Wanderers for fielding a lesser team against Manchester United in December in a game which United won 3-0.   Wolves Manager McCarthy decided to rest a couple of first string players in order to be more competitive in other games during the crowded Christmas fixture period.

The penalty illustrates one of the most maddening features in the fiscally unsustainable Premier League: a tendency  to favour the big clubs.   Wolves are one of the poorest teams in the Premier league.  They do not have a huge squad of  quality players like the rich teams do.   The have a good quality first eleven, but if these get injured, the players that replace them are pretty thin in terms of Premiership quality.    Wolves have to carefully manage their player resources in order to survive. This is what they did against Manchester United.

All the Premier League has done is to take money from the pocket of one of the teams that can least afford it.   What on earth does this accomplish?   It proves my theory that outside of the top four, the rest of the teams are just cannon fodder for the big clubs.  The Premier League should be finding ways to get money into the pockets of the poorer teams, not finding stupid ways of taking it away from them.



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  1. Agreed. If you have a rotation policy, that’s fine with the league, but if you rest a bunch of your players at the same time, it’s not?

  2. Do you all know what it means when it is said to be a ‘suspended fine’? If it is an indefinitely suspended fine (i.e. don’t do this again and we’ll let it slide) that is one thing. I had to look up the story for my own information, knowing only the basics.

    “Wolves on Thursday were given a 25,000 pound (39,000 dollars) suspended fine for fielding a ‘B’ side against Manchester United at Old Trafford in December.”

    Teams are often playing watered down teams (Liverpool) when they also have Champions League matches to deal with.

    It’s amazing that Wolves defeated Tottenham in both matches. They probably have enough to stay up.

    On another Wolves topic:

    If WhiteCapsFan knows goalkeeping, American Hahnemann certainly had a howler to allow CFC to get their 2nd goal today, that really ended that game but the Wolves were game enough before that debacle.

  3. I don’t have your fine eye, Mr Clough. Suspended means they don’t have to pay it if they behave in future.

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