Arsenal’s Defence Lets Them Down

February 8, 2010 at 6:17 am | Posted in General Football | 3 Comments

Watching Arsenal’s pathetic defending today against Chelsea today left me remembering the days when Arsenal had some of the best defenders around in Tony Adams, Bob Bould, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown and Goalkeeper David Seaman. Those guys were as solid as a rock and you really had to do something special to score.

In spite of the fact that Didier Drogba has a fantastic strike rate against them, Arsenal twice left him wide open today so he could destroy them with clinical finishes.  Today’s match left me thinking for the first time that perhaps Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has lost his touch.   Football is first a game built on solid defence.  If you want to play flowing beautiful football as Arsenal undoubtedly does, you had better have a solid and smart defence to back it up.

On the first goal, the defender charged with guarding the far post left his position and went wandering over to the near post, leaving Didier Drogba with an easy and unmolested tap in at the far post after Terry headed it on to him.   On the second goal, the Arsenal defenders could not make up their mind whose duty it was to follow Drogba in a swift Chelsea counter attack.  Drogba received the ball in the clear in all kinds of room and rather easily cut inside to score.   Tony Adams must have rolled his eyes when he saw that!

Arsenal also miss Adebayour up front.  They need a tall target man and little Arshevin simply had no chance against the big and nasty  Carvalho and Terry.   Arsenal had lots of lovely passing play in the middle third, but are lacking both up front and at the back.   Though he could not really be faulted for either of the two goals, keeper Almunia has demonstrated he is not really up to the task with a team like Arsenal.  Just look at how Cech played in Chelsea’s goal: now there is a superb goalkeeper.

If Arsenal are looking to climb the table they need a partner for Gallas and a new keeper to start.



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  1. I’ll be the dissenting voice and say they need a new partner for Vermaelen, not Gallas, but yes, definitely a new keeper. Poor Clichy, though, thrown into the deep end after months away with an injury.

  2. This has been 3 tricky games they drew up for Arsenal in the schedule, within 10 days, Manchester Utd. and Chelsea and tomorrow hosting Liverpool. I’m not a tactician in football, but it is easy to see Arsenal needed another striker (I take that from Tony Cascarino’s column from Times Online) and Benitez has allowed some good players to get away. After 3 recent horrible losses by Arsenal including the FA Loss to Stoke, Arsenal really has a must win situation, so I’ll pick them. Who knows, Liverpool may be resurgent right now. Reports are Fabregas may leave to play in Barcelona.

    • I hope Arsenal win as well, because I am fed up with Liverpool under Benitez. His reputation rests on two fluke games: the Champions league come back against Milan and the fight back against my West Ham in the FA cup a few years back. When you look at the money he has spent, and the players he has gone through it is hard to argue he has done a good job. It has been ages since Liverpool has won the league at the top level.
      Arsenal has a big problem in that their best player is a want-away. Perhaps they need to do a clean-out and start all over again. Wenger has put together a team which plays very attractive football in the middle of the pitch, but are weak up front since they sold Adebayor, and are weak at the back. They badly need a result in this match to deal with what will be terrible morale. Liverpool will have their tails up after winning the derby and I am not sure Arsenal have the spirit and determination necessary to beat Liverpool.

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