Renewed My Season Tickets!

February 6, 2010 at 4:41 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2010 | Leave a comment

I renewed my season tickets this week for next year’s Whitecaps games.  This is a sure sign that winter will start to wane, and I can look forward to the last year (sniff) at Swangard Stadium.   There have been some grumbles that ticket prices have gone up, and they have a bit, but I feel the value provided is still superb, especially for the Bronze seats.  I have never sat in my seats but prefer to stand and watch from close up in the South Side.   The price on a per match basis is dead cheap, and not much more than going out to the movies.  I suppose I will have to enjoy this as I am sure the prices will go up once we join the MLS.   I am so mad for footy I think I would remortgage my house to pay for them!  We will pay more, but I think the match day experience will be vastly improved.  Sitting (or standing, hopefully) in a refurbished stadium downtown with the sun shining in will be  a treat.   I am sure those of us true fans will still hearken back to the Swanny days and fondly remember them…  One thing we will surely remember fondly is the joy of watching footy on grass.


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