NASL and USL Kiss and Make Up

January 8, 2010 at 8:40 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2010 | Leave a comment

The United States Soccer Federation has done a good thing.  They have brokered a deal to save the 2010 season in Division 2 football.  As I had thought, the USSF teed up a settlement by refusing to give approval for either the USL or the NASL to play their leagues as USSF sanctioned division 2 football.  This forced the parties to step down from their all-or-nothing approaches and come to a solution.  The ingenious solution was to split the teams into two conferences, one named the USL conference and one named the NASL conference.   I have no doubt that this is a temporary solution to save the season and that there are still issues to be worked out.   The USL and the NASL have agreed to disagree and fight out areas of disagreement later.  No doubt the USSF will be working with the parties to try to settle all outstanding issues after a cool down period.  Thankfully all lawsuits have been dropped.  Litigation is time consuming and drains precious resources the two foes cannot afford.

This is good for football fans.  The thought of not playing Puerto Rico and Portland, who never committed to NASL, was too much to bear.   Furthermore, some of the NASL teams were very strong, such as the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Montreal Impact, but some seemed a bit fictitious, like St Louis for instance.   In any event, it looks like there will be 12 teams going at it next year.  Lets hope the new clubs like St Louis, Baltimore and Tampa Bay put together good competitive squads.

I am now looking forward to the 2010 season… The last one at Swanny!!!


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