The Archbishop of York Loves Footy

January 5, 2010 at 6:05 am | Posted in General Football | 1 Comment

I was listening to the BBC five live Sport Football podcast today and heard a wonderful interview of a fellow called John Sentamu.   Sentamu was a judge in Uganda who was imprisoned by dictator Idi Amin for standing up for the principle that judges should be able to make their decisions free from political interference.  He was also physically abused for his principles. Sentamu fled to England in 1974 where his distinguished service in the Church of England led to his appointment as the Archbishop of York in 2005.  His appointment was not accepted in some quarters and he received racist hate mail by those who did not like the color of his skin.  He offered his hand in friendship to those who did so.

Since his appointment Sentamu has been named “Yorkshireman of the year” for 2007.  His parents called him Mugabi which he points out is “ee-bi-gum” spelled backwards.  For those who do not speak Yorkshire, “ee-bi-gum” is an expression of surprise or wonder.   What an incredible coincidence!

Sentamu has endeared himself by showing up to watch the English non-league team York City which he supports now in preference to his previous favorite team Manchester United. He says he does so because York City is his home city and he feels obliged to support the home team.  He has even taken to giving the team inspirational talks.  By doing so he has won my heart and proven himself a true footy fan.   Indeed, many so-called football fans in Vancouver do not show up to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps because they would rather watch games from Spain or England on television.   Actually going to a football ground is too much to ask of this shiftless lot.    They are not true football fans.  A true football fan will watch footy at any level.  I will even stop to watch a casual amateur kickabout in the park to see if anything special is going on.  Those of us who have supported the Whitecaps and 86ers at Swangard Stadium will now have to sit shoulder to shoulder with these bums as they crawl out of the cracks in their sofas when the Whitecaps join Major League Soccer in 2011.

These charlatans should take a leaf out of the book of John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.  If you are a true football fan like Sentamu, you will support the local team, and love football at all of its levels.

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  1. Unfortunately we need those charlatans to make the MLS viable. Hopefully we’ll convert some of them in the process.

    Great piece. Thanks for sharing it.

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