Argos Threaten BMO Field

November 30, 2009 at 10:43 pm | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

Just as all was going according to plan for Toronto Football Club, the Canadian Football League franchise the Toronto Argos want to ground share with TFC at BMO field.

Recently TFC came to an agreement to get the dreaded Fieldturf out of BMO field in favour of natural grass.  This is what the players, the fans and the Club itself wanted.  Now the Argos want to trample all over this success by tearing up the field with their pointy-ball cleats.   Nothing could be worse for a grass soccer pitch than the game of pointy-ball.  It tears up the middle of the field and makes it bumpy and uneven.  Nothing could be worse for the beautiful game.

Sadly these kinds of decisions involve government officials who know nothing about sports.  Will they understand how it will damage the beautiful game if the Argos get their way?

In our 2008 Championship year our pitch was torn up before the Quarter-Final with Minnesota by a SFU pointy-ball match.   The field was a shambles.  Luckily we won, but the field was poor, and consequently so was the game.

The point is that if the CFL plays its games in BMO field it will ruin the pitch and Toronto FC will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory where BMO Field’s playing surface is concerned.   I hope that TFC fans will rally against this proposal and defeat it.

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