Don’t Blame Thierry Henry…

November 21, 2009 at 5:51 am | Posted in General Football | 2 Comments

When he handled the ball against the Irish, Henry acted purely from instinct.  Footballers are trained to react instantaneously.  Footballers are not Monks, and can’t be expected to go and confess to the referee when an unjust call goes their way.  Everyone who knows the game, or has played it, knows that the bad calls can go either way, and when bad calls go your way, you don’t go and protest to the referee.  That is the other team’s job, which they usually perform quite competently and forcefully!

Some say Henry’s career will be marred by the handball incident.  I disagree completely.   There are very few footballers who have gone through their career without an unsavoury incident or two.  Diego Maradona’s career was marred by unsavoury incidents both on and off the field, but who wouldn’t give their right arm to see him play again? Zidane was sent off twice during World Cup tournaments.  Does anybody spit when they say his name?   Even Michel Platini’s career was tainted by his goal celebration during the European Cup Final match in Heysel between Juventus and Liverpool, when many people had died in the stands just prior to the match.  But in celebrating Platini was just acting instinctively.  He was focussed on the match he was playing in.  Nothing else mattered.  But this is how professionals are trained.  We must remember, as much as we love football, the game has a nasty underside that even the most sublime players get caught up in.

Henry has had a distinguished career and he is not a cheat.  I am sure we will remember him fondly when he retires. When he does retire, we will all wish we could see him play again.



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