Whitecaps Year in Review Part 3: Weird Schedule, Season

October 28, 2009 at 5:07 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 1 Comment

Though things perked up for the Whitecaps this year in the playoffs, I have to say that this was one of the least enjoyable years we have had at Swangard in recent memory.  The only season I can remember which was less enjoyable was when previous owner Stadnyk abandoned the team mid-season.  Saying why this season was so bad is difficult, however.  Perhaps it was because a lot of the best loved players departed in the off season: Sebrango, Clarke, Kindel, Valente and Jordan.  We had to get used to a whole new mob of players, many of whom were hardly inspiring.   Furthermore, the team struggled all year until the very end when they came good.

The schedule was diabolical this year.  At one point we only had one home game between June 12 and July 25, which was verses the Minnesota Thunder on July 9th.  The lack of games to watch in this period alienated the fans from the team.  Some have speculated that the bad schedule was because of the fact that the Whitecaps were leaving the USL-1.  Whatever the reason, some of my buddies at the game felt that this gap really damaged their enjoyment of the season.

I suppose we all felt disappointed that we had won the championship last year, and then we came out so mediocre as a team this year.  I had hoped that we would win the points race for the first time since the ’86ers days.  I believe that only one team has ever won the points race and the USL-1 championship in the same year: our arch-rivals the Seattle Sounders.   I though this was the year we might do it.  How wrong I was.  The wholesale change in playing personnel put paid to that.

Then there was the fight between Gbeke and Charles during the Miami match.  This was the low point in the season.    The team had become downright unsavory to watch.

Then there was the Canadian Championship scandal, where we were let down by Montreal’s 1-6 capitulation to Toronto FC .  This result ended up with us losing our CONCACAF Champions League spot to TFC.  The sight of our players, who had travelled all the way to Montreal to pick up the Canadian Championship Trophy , forlornly standing in the rain when it dawned on them what was happening, was a depressing sight indeed.

The playoff run really saved the year.  Other than that, it was a weird season.  The regular season performance was poor stuff.  Hopefully 2010 will be a better year.  My belief is that the Caps should have as a goal winning both the League and the Championship trophy.  Why not?

Lets leave USL-1 with a bang and with our heads held high.


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  1. I was lucky enough to catch some really great home matches and missed out on the downers. Beating TFC and Montreal at home in the Champions League was definitely a highlight. Seeing Edwini-Bonsu score his first goal, seeing Toure score his first two. Listening to the Southsiders taunt the group of ten TFC supporters after the first goal, then joining in on the taunts after the second. I personally had a great season with the Caps, but probably because I went in with low expectations.

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