Gbeke, Martin and Arze Gone

October 24, 2009 at 3:59 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | Leave a comment

As a fan you get to love the players who pull the jersey on and play for it.  I always find it hard to see my beloved players go.  Charles Gbeke has been let go.  While Charles has always been a bit of a loose cannon, he always gave his all in a game.  After not getting the start in the second leg of the final, Gbeke unwisely spouted off to someone that he should have started.  That person published the story.   Good soccer players are proud people, and no doubt Gbeke is a proud man.  He deserves to be after winning the 2008 Championship for us with his two goals in the final.  Teams don’t usually mind where players express their views in the dressing room, but when players go to the press, teams don’t like it.   This was not the first time he has lost his cool, and one could certainly argue that he was just as responsible for the fight with Wesley Charles mid season against Miami that ultimately ended up with both players being sent off.

I got to shake his hand and chat briefly on a number of occasions with him.  I got a good impression from the man.  He speaks eloquently, smiles a friendly smile, and does charity work.  I want to thank him for bringing joy to my family at the games we got to see him play.  Thanks also for winning us the 2008 Championship with your goals, Charles. We will miss you, Charles Gbeke!

Lyle Martin played indifferently in 2007, played very well in 2008, and played indifferently in 2009. Consistency and focus are key for a professional player.  Martin seemed unfocussed this year and was out-shone on the right side of the pitch my newcomer Wes Knight.   Still, as a member of the class of 2008  he brought joy to the team. Best wishes to you too, Lyle.

Vincente Arze was a great guy to have on the team, but he never cracked the starting line up with any consistency.  He was not quite there in terms of the standard of play.  His passing was poor, he tended to play wildly and he gave up the ball too much.  Still, what a lovely bloke to have around!   All the best, Vincente!


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