Protest to USL Over Poor Refereeing

October 19, 2009 at 3:46 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 1 Comment

I would like to urge readers of my blog to contact the USL to protest the ridiculous refereeing in the finals this year. The USL should be protecting the final as a sporting event, not a means by which junior referees can pad their resumes.  The referee’s decision to send off Pejic in the second leg killed the final as a sporting event.  If you visit the USL site and press the “contact us” button you can find president Tim Holt’s e-mail address.  Lets let him know how we feel about the refereeing in this year’s finals so we can perhaps persuade them to find a decent ref for next year’s final. Here is my letter to the USL:

I am writing to protest the refereeing in the final.  As a Whitecaps fan I was looking forward to seeing if we could beat the Impact in Montreal to win the final.   The game up to the point of Pejic’s sending off was a good soccer game as a final should be.  It was tense and exciting.  Then the referee awarded a penalty AND sent our man off.  It was totally unnecessary to do both.  Our defender made a desperate attempt to get the ball, but he did not commit a professional foul.  Our player made an honest attempt to win the ball.  The referee spoiled the final as a sporting event.  The rest of the final was a one-sided coronation, not  a sporting event.  Indeed the whole second half was like watching an inter-squad game or a practice match.  Please try to obtain referees who are able to exercise the good  judgment to preserve the final as a sporting event.  The ref handed the game to Montreal on a silver platter. The teams and their players should be allowed to decide the games on their own.  I did not tune in to watch the referee turn in an MVP performance.  I tuned in to watch a fair contest between two teams who deserved to play in the final and earned that right.  What I saw was a game ruined by a referee.  Please try in future to get someone who is at least competent and who can exercise some judgment not to ruin the game next year.  This referee spoiled the final as a sporting event and made USL-1 look like a bush league.

Lets fill Tim Holt’s e-mail box so this travesty of a final does not happen again.


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  1. Hi will do however do not believe it will have much of an impact since we are leaving the USL in 2011.

    I believe the whitecaps fans have a stronger protest they can do locally that will have a visable result. You may hove noticed this year the many Saputo sponsored nights at swanguard. I must admit my son enjoyed them however it always seemed odd to me that the owner of a competitor has such visible sponsorship in our stadium. Even my 8 year old knew it was the “montreal” team (saputo from their jerseys) that did this.

    My point is that the Concacaf debacle was a dark day for Canadian soccer and the whitecaps owners should not reward this within swanguard stadium. Yes Saputo pays the whitecaps for it but sometimes a principle is worth more.

    It may seem like sour grapes after the final however it is something i was thinking about back in July but the final just brought it up in my mind. Its a thought


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