Depth and Heart Of Whitecaps On Trial In Final

October 16, 2009 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | Leave a comment

Nash’s sending off and subsequent suspension from the second leg of the final has left the team in a difficult spot. So have the injuries to Toure and Martin.  The Martin problem is solved by putting Knight back at fullback, and placing Moose on the right.   It will be a bit of a rag-tag outfit with a few half-fit players going into Saturday’s game.

Toure may play some of the match.  This will be a boost, but the question is how long he can last. Moose has not played an entire match for a long time and has recently been coming in late off of the bench.  It looks as though the depth and heart of our squad will be what wins or loses the final for us.  We have a young team, and we will have to outwork ex-Whitecaps veterans like Sebrango, Testo, Gjertson, and Dontatelli.  Do not forget that footy is primarily an athletic contest.   We will have to work our bollocks off!

We are up against it going into Montreal down a goal.  The game is a final however , and it will be 11 men against 11 men.  The best team on the day will win.  It is about heart, and we will need plenty of it to win.  We went into Portland and got the job done, so we can do it in Montreal.  Footy is a funny game and an odd bounce of the ball can frustrate basic logic in final results.  The Caps will have to be alive to the possibilities and chances which will arise.  I look to Gbeke to be our best player in this regard.  He never gives up on the ball and I hope he and Haber start up front.   Edwini-Bonsu and James must also figure as well tomorrow.  Remember How Manchester United won the Champs League back in 1999: two late goals by two substituted strikers.

Pozniak will have to play the game of his life and boss the midfield like Nash.  Versailles has looked promising at times but I am not yet convinced.  Time to convince us Kenny!

I hope we score an early goal to take the crowd out of it.  Teitur will have to gamble a bit to try to unbalance Montreal.  Perhaps starting Edwini-Bonsu up front to rattle Montreal’s defence with his speed? I doubt that he will do it, but Teitur must try something new to turn the match.

I missed the first match because I was out of the country, but I am told that Montreal dominated the game and the reports I have read indicate this.  I suppose it was skewed because we had a man sent off, but we should count ourselves lucky to be only one goal down.   Had James not blown the injury time chance we would be on equal terms.  James will have to make up for that miss tomorrow and I believe he will.

Hope springs eternal in Whitecapsfan’s heart, so come on lads, lets win it all again!


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